Dan Hinshaw – Ohio

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Coach Dan Matthew Hinshaw lives in Dayton, OH. Dan was born in April of 1976, on the 30th. He comes off as a “good guy”. However, he had two girlfriends for years and lied to them both. We are sure there are other women because he is into the swinger lifestyle. He uses the Internet to pick up women. If a woman is not into swinging…he cheats. He will even cheat if a woman IS into swinging. He wants his cake and to eat it too…even with good women. He will treat you good in your face BUT be selfish behind your back. Dan practices unprotected sex and tried to get women pregnant. There is no end to his manipulative behavior and lies. Unless you want to be deeply hurt, heartbroken, traumatized, and in need of a test at the clinic….stay clear of this wolf is sheep’s clothing. He preys on single mom’s and woman who have never had sex. Yet, does not want anyone preying on the women is his family. He loves black women. He will act like he wants to marry you, adopt your kids, and have children. He does all the right things in your face, but he is really a snake. If it was not for social media, we may have never known Dan is short for demon. Dan is a highly educated fool.

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