Dale Harder – California

Dale Harder, This Slime Ball contacted me and we started to get to know one another. Trying to be adult here, Dale sadly uses his late brothers death to make women feel for him However, we started to see one another and of course the RED FLAGS started popping up and I started an investigation only to find out hes a LYING CHEAT!! Further into my investigation many women starting coming forward and the horrible stories of how he cheated on them all! Dale explains he was the one cheated on to make women feel like hes a victim and trust me he plays it well! Dale manipulates many women at once. Dale Harder tries to play harder, but he has a hard time keeping it harder! hes not bedroom savvy if you know what I mean! Stalky body builder with a small D1CK! Dale is a full blown Narcissist, womanizer, snap chatter, adds random people on Instagram to get off! send the nudes!! 50 year old on a kids app lol. Dale is such a compulsive liar that he actually believes his own lies! He is capable of keeping a straight face and cries at the best of times! WATCH out for this loser! Hes been through countless women all of great stature!! and he can not commit with heart because he has no heart! Dale has countless women in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Leduc, St Albert, Calgary and only God knows where else! Dale tries to Initiate sex without a condom so watch out! Hes got Nasty bugs!!! The guy doesn’t pay on outings and wants the women to pay for his way, as he has to save his money for the women down the line! Dale you are a DOG! shame on you! You need to be exposed! SCUM of the earth!! and by the way, he preys on Christian women cause he feels they are clean and safe!! Hes a snake and needs to be exposed for who he really is! “Say CHEEZE DALE!!


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