Caleb May — Chicago, illinois

LADIES!!! IF YOU COME ACROSS THIS MANCHILD ON ANY SITES, AVOID HIM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! DO NOT ENGAGE!! DO NOT FLIRT! DON’T EVEN BE NICE TO HIM OR HE WILL LOSE IT WHEN YOU REJECT HIM!! AND NEVER EVER SEND HIM NUDES!! Caleb May does not handle rejection well!! Not only will he share your intimate images with any and every one, but he will go on to threaten you and to your children!!! He’s known to try and pick up chicks from other states/countries in mobile games. He will plaster your nudes all over discord (his user name is Ubbe) and lord knows where else!! He sees nothing wrong with his actions even when sending unsolicited d1ck pics!! Stay safe out there ladies!! STRANGER DANGER!!


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