Brian Custin – Indiana

So this morning the guy I been dating the last few months got caught trying to hook up with some nasty a** chick. Then he tried to deny it when I have already talked to this girl and she confirmed he was trying to get back with her. She was unaware he and I was together but being pregnant and very open and honest already I confronted him and yet again after sending him the proof he tried to deny it then refused to even talk to me about it. So what did that tell me he’s nothing but a cheating dog. I don’t understand why he continues to cheat when every time he does try he gets caught… Guess sometimes you just need to walk away and realize what’s more important for the sake of your unborn child.. But any female who tries to get with Brian Custin I feel sorry for you because he DON’T know how to keep his d*** in his pants when he got a girlfriend….


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