Ashley Frye — Dallas, Texas

Well this one here is a winner lol she will get with you and reel you in with her “perfect pu55y”which is more like a worn out tire that every guy in the dallas area has ran through. She’s a raging alcoholic that will never have anything better than she does right now unless someone gives it to her or she pays for it with’s probably easier to count the guys she hasn’t been with than the ones she has! She will use you for your money and be screwing someone else behind your back and then tries to blame it all on the alcohol..guy or girl it doesn’t matter she will take whatever she can get, she swings both ways and will use and abuse whoever it is..don’t fall for her trap and get sucked in to this roast beef meat that everyone has had! No telling what she has either! Watch out for this one guys! She’s a winner winner chicken dinner.


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