Amalia Hernandez – California

I just found out that my friend’s boyfriend has been cheating on her with his Ex, amalia hernandez or aka the home wrecker aka the stripper.

The story: My friend has been with her boyfriend for 3 years and they have a baby girl together and he has another son from another relationship (not with molly). They recently bought a house and a car together (six months ago). To make matters worst, he had brought up marriage to her her last week and they were thinking of getting married.

How she found out: She didn’t suspect that he was cheating at all. He had skipped out on the family’s plan to hang out at the lake by saying he had to go to his brother’s birthday party (which the gf didn’t know about because he didn’t even bother to mention it). Well my friend needed to get a hold of him, so she went through his work phone to find his number (her phone is broken and currently being repaired so she doesn’t know his number because he changes it often). So she goes through his phone and find that he has been texting “molly” for a month and they have been sneaking around having sex and declaring their love for one another.

She confronts the girl and the girl denies it. She confronts the bf and he denies it until she says she has his work phone. Then he confesses and said he did it because he wasn’t happy. He never once apologized and blamed everything on my friend because he wasn’t happy with her (even though he had brought up the idea of marriage a week ago). The “molly”: How low can that girl be to be chasing a guy who has a baby and a house and has been with his gf for three years? my friend confronted her by calling her and she said “she didn’t speak english”, but my friend later got a text from her saying “I don’t want your man! I just like to flirt”. Does she not have any self respect? there’s plenty of single men out there she can “flirt” and f**k with, but she has to do it with him and wreck a family.


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