ALBERT PRIEST – California

So I met this guy Albert and he runs his mouth about all this stuff he’s doing with other people but turns out the guy is nothing more than a common criminal. Stalks women, open to bisexual encounters, works with crime lords and pushes people to give him money for projects that don’t exist! This man is an absolute fake. A fraud. His lies are so deep that he should just be incarcerated. He takes people’s money, wants to set up fake deals, has NO idea what he’s doing, what money he needs or what it’s even for. He’s scattered and has wasted so much of my time I want to kick his a55 over it. Turns out he’s running all around Hollywood wanting actors to work for free, do fake projects and scam money out of people that don’t have any. He approached me about some criminal activity he was into (drugs and trafficking), after turning him down I blocked him from calling me. He is all the bad that is of hollywood. Also a very lonely crook. Watch out for this one women! Men! Investors!!!


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