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If you want a 10yr. Pretty boy who will not only strip away any and all self respect, courage, and strength as a human being Scott’s your guy. If you like having his meth and heroine whores danced in front of you in your house only to have him take off all night SCOTTY is all about that. If you love being lied to, put in danger cause he wont wear a condom with his HepC slammer whores line right up. If you enjoy being emotionally and verbally abused then thrown to the streets after his meth bitch steals every thing you have your at the right place.His GREEN eyes and Long Beach smile will make you melt, he will give you whatever drug your into except for truth, faithfulness, and respect. He will make you every bit of a narcissist’s victim, then make you question if suicide is such a bad idea. He will try to sleep with your friends and daughters and turn your sons into dealers like him. To the stupid I say you deserve him. To the I intelligent I pray you run from his evil before he destroys you too.

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