Rocio Cardenas – Denver, Colorado

Rocio Cardenas AKA Rocio Holguin – What a joke this one is, she’s a complete narcissistic – sociopath! This acne riddled, failure at life is a complete waste of skin and space! She has been having an on again off again affair with my husband for the last two years! Rocio was a secretary at a church intern program that my husband Alex Perez of 17 years was working at. The next thing I know she’s pursuing my husband, while cheating on her own. She messed up her life, now she’s out to ruin everyone else’s! She had two kids by two different men before the age of 21 and was divorced by the time she was 23. WOW, what a winner!!!

Rocio doesn’t care whose life she ruins! She has no regard for the wife, or kid’s she hurts in the process. I caught my husband having an affair with her while I was pregnant! When I found out about the affair, I emailed everyone on Rocio’s Facebook and let them all know (including Rocio’s husband) what kind of a tramp she is. The affair ended and they split up before our daughter was born. I did not take him back right away! He begged and pleaded for me to take him back for 6 months before I gave in and tried to be a family again. Meanwhile this Bitch still pursued a relationship with him knowing all of this and that she was destroying a family. No morals or values whatsoever! She’s beyond Desperate, and nothing but a trashy, slut whose constant need for dick and attention leaves her sleeping around with multiple men at a time with no protection. She’s a disease ridden, dirty, nasty, vile, pockmarked whore. She pursues Married men and then when they try to break up with the Psycho, she starts stalking and harassing their wife.

My husband and I had reconciled and everything was going good until 10/18/18 when this P.O.S created a fake Facebook and wants to start coming at me like I’m the side chick and the one having an affair with her man! Rocio started instant messaging that she was once again sleeping with my husband. She has gone out of her way to destroy my marriage and cause a divorce! Meanwhile Rocio knew the entire time that we were back together and trying to work things out for our baby who is now 2 years old! She was even STUPID enough to believe that when he was at home with us, it was only to be close to his child. So when I asked where exactly she thought he slept when he was here, she had no answer. Alex forgot to mention that he was sleeping in the same bed with me the entire time. She is so desperate to keep him that even knowing he was lying to both of us, she moved him into her house! She’s got kids of her own and still doesn’t care, fine example. I found out that while she was sleeping with my husband she would dump her son (Age 4) in another room to go get f*cked. Not caring if her kid wondered out in traffic or anything, she’s mother of the year!

My husband told me the ONLY reason he was with Rocio was because she loved anal sex, and being on her knees. Yeah needless to say we’re in the middle of a divorce thanks to this disgusting Loser ho. He lost his wife and his family over this P.O.S and now he is devastated – as he should be. The sad part is, Rocio is fine being a home wrecking slut and nothing but a side chick. As for putting your business out there Rocio “Sorry, not Sorry Bitch”. Karma will make sure she they both get everything they deserve in the end!


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