Morgan Ledot – Canada

Morgan Ledot the bad ass mother fucker with a big cock. I am proud to be the French sex god of the fuck boys out there in the world. I’ve had great pussies from many sexy bitches in France, Canada and the US and more. Women want me especially married women, engaged women women who are in relationships, etc. Been with all sorts, you can call me a man whore if you want, but I’m just a guy whose extremely envied by a lot of dudes, hell my bros are even jealous of me that I get laid more than them. Black guys especially, they hate the fact that my cock is bigger than all of them to the point where their women would leave them and chase after me. Most of the times I’m involved with open relationships and occasionally there had been broken hearts. But meh, that’s life. Want a man whose rough in bed? Call 1-416-850-2855. Anyone whose got a problem with me should fuck off and die in a pit 🙂 . Sorry but I can’t handle prudes

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