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Kristin Schuh. CEO of The Vestigate app. All I can say is this. You can not at all trust her. If you are a fool and do……. Good luck to you.. She has fooled so many people. She used to be an Attorney lost her license due to deceiving a client out of about 20k. Never showed up not 1’s but 2’s to defend herself. She received Default Judgment. Then they took away her license to practice law. Then she starts an app called The Vestigate. And people that have invested money in it. They suing her. She is not returning their Investment back. And claiming she doesn’t have the money. Which is bogus. If she didn’t have any money. How is she able travelling. Paying her rent. On top of that. The Vestigate app is still out there. If she didn’t have cash flow. The app would have gone bye bye. She has the money. She’s ripping people off. If she’s broke then why online when you look her name up. It tells a completely different story. I enclosed the statistic. Even the Law School she went to sued her. Everything about her is online. About her. She even was Married. Then tried to screw him over Alimony. Marriage of convenience. He gave her a ton of money to get her out of his life completely. She has several restraining orders on her. People that have sued her she’s harassed. This Woman is no one you can trust. I’m told she’s facing charges for fraud. She’s committing White Collar Crime.


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This Woman Kris. Krissy. Kristin. Kriss. Chris. Chrissy. Kristi. Krys. Kryssy. And what ever other Krisssssssy names she uses is a God Dam sleaze. Dishonest and yes. She was a Lawyer once. And Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes…… Yes. She did steal money. And it is True.

It’s all True. Yes it is. It’s all True. She’s a thief

If I invested money and this Krissy person stole it. She would of stoken from the wrong guy. I would hunt her down and that be the end of her. I’m not kidding. Never mind the Courts. Never mind the Judge. I’d take her out. And end her. If she robbed me. That Fu(ken B!tch be found on the floor dead.

I can remember the best way to talk to Krissy is in the way she can understand well.




Krisdy Schuh is nothing more than a Criminal. Do you guys know how much in total money she and Sally Kushner stole. Heres an idea. Mark Miller Invested 100k. And sued and Won…. And they had over Fifty Investors. Giving between 10k to 100k each. And both Krissy n Sally stole every Cent.


And both Krissy and Sally are pissed at all the people that have posted comments on him……… Well sorry you two liwlife Dyjes… The Truth Hurts..

And you can 💋 💋 my Jewish asssss Gio. Cuz You can’t stop me from posting what’s true. You POS.

Lock them Bitches up.


😝😝 Since I known you. You changed you phone number 4 times. And you moved 6 times.

And your name too from Krissy to Kris to Chrissy to Kirsten….. And when I met you. Your name was Kristin and you were a Lawyer. Not someone that wirked in Television.

Only someone hiding from something would do that. And hiding from people too



Last time I spoke to her. Krissy was a few weeks ago. I work for EDD. And Krissy said her EDD was frozen. And if I knew a quicker way for her to Identify herself through EDD. I told her everything has to match. Her license has to have the same addy as Unemployment has. Her SS Card name has to match her Birth Certificate and License. And she has to show what’s on her license matches where she lives.

Then she asked If I could work some magic for her to get it done for her. Number one. I’d be fired and charged with assisting with Claimant Fraud. Number two. Each Claimant has 4 to 6 people that handle the process not just one person. And that’s to help prevent Fraud to take place. And three sh’s going to have to update her license and everything else all to say the same name address and all that…. Her license cant say Krissy Schuh… And SS Card saying Kristin M Schuh and Birth Certificate saying Kristin M Schuh and her Utility Bill saying Krissy Schuh….. Every thing has to match….

Krissy got so pissed with me…… That’s the Law. That’s what has to be done.

I think she hates me now because I told her I can’t just walk in. Find her in the System and change everything to say she’s been verified and unlock her EDD……. It’s a 6 to 8 person process. Not one EED worker handles a claimant. A bunch of people habdles the one claimant.

So I am guessing I won’t be hearing back from her. She got very irate with me.

And I will not and can not do what she asked me to do

Krissy is Desperate Just like when she was Disbarred…….. She got desperate. So she started that dumn as Fukk App. And when she realized was so costly. She became all desperate again. And took in her Xgf as a Business partner and then together they took in investment money. Then got greedy. And they stole all the money….. And now they have no Business and no money. The Court shut them down. And froze their bank accounts

Yo Lee……Bro… I call her what she is………….. Kunt. Not Krissy… Not Kristin….just. Kunt. She deserves a nane to fit her. Kunt.

Hey Camron. You mean Woman… But Krissy aint no Woman. A Woman is sweet. Nice. Loving. Good to look at. Fun to be around.

Krissy Schuh aint no Woman…… She’ Bloated from all the booze she drinks. She’s paranoid. From all the people she screwed over and owes money too. She’ s Disbarred from all the money she never paid back to her Clients. She’s a pathelogical liar. Krissy has bever been able to tell the truth.

And Krissy Schuh……She has a Dick…. Yes she has a Dick. No not a strappon. She has a Dick. A Penis…. A Cock.

Michael J Gulden. Her former Lawyer. And a sleazy lawyer too.
He went to the same Law School Southwest Law School and shared a Legal Office with Krissy Schuh on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood……The same Krissy Schuh that used to have the App…. Barseen App in West Hollywood….. Yeah. The same person.

No Krissy Schuh never went ti Cal State and Studied Business. And No Krissy Schuh never worked for NBC… CBS… HBO… ESBN for the last 20 years b4 starting her Gay App… No Krissy Schuh is not an Honest Woman. And No. Krissy Schuh did not use her own money to start the Gay App Barseen App…… As she likes to tell people. Krissy used to be an Attorney and she was Disbarred in 2014…. She never. No not once… Not even for a split second worked in the Entertainment Industry…. It’s another one of her lies… That today makes her so famously known for… Lol

Krissy Schuh is a God Damn Liar….. Nothing more than a Con Woman. And a Fu€king thief. Yes she’s very Dishonest. Yes she did steal from Clients she represented back years ago when she practiced Law. And Yes she did steal from…. All…. And I mean All…. Every single Investor she had that Invested money. And yes Mark Miller alone Invested 100k. And Mickey Lamar 30k. And many many…. Many others between 10k to 50k each….. And Yes…… Most of them. 90% of them were friends of hers. And Yes she had over 40 Investors and Yes under 60 Investors. And Yes I’m confident you can do the math and figure it out the number….. Because Krissy says she can’t…. Lol

And Yes this is all true. I will swear under Oath in Court in Front of the Judge…… And…. No I am not a Republican and I did not Vote for Trump……. But Yes Krissy Schuh is a Republican and she did Vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020……

And No I’m not Atheist……. Yes Krissy Schuh is…. Athiest.

Have a Blessed day

I bet she’s a Butt ugly Ass Pig. Fat with Thunder Thighs. People that do the kind of sh!t that she done. Statistically have something wrong as in being fat. Or a heavy drinker. Or went from being a professional line a Doctor or Politition and lost their job. To the life of Crime. Am I right about her.

You are a liar. No one can trust you. There’s another page with over 70 comments. And they all said what you done and the people you stole money from. One guy said you stole from over 40 Investors.


It was lime this. This what Ryan said when he worked at Coffee and Food. Vinny did not like her at all. Tyan said. If Kristin knew had money. She would target you to get you to invest. She even had people like Ron Torres. Ron used to Manage Coffee and Food. And Barseen App had a Camera in there. Vinny said Ron is friends with Kristin. And Ron would talk to customers about meeting Kristin and Invest. Ryan says that Kristin would give a %. So everyone Ron would get to meet her and invest. Ron would get a % of it.

This guy Ernie. My friend. He moved to Boston a year ago September. He told me about you. And Sallyy And I had to look you up. He was telling it right. I thought he was making the Shyt up. And he wasn’t. He said too his ass better not be pulled into Court over helping you and all that Barseen junk you got him doing from before. He said if he does end up having to go to Court. He will tell the Judge the truth. Ernie won’t go to jail lying in Court to save your ass. He said that. Now I’m going to google a Michael Gulden and read about him and a Trevor Lapaglia. He said they involved in it and a Giovanni Vitulli too.

???? Has any one ever wonder why Krissy did all what she did. And people have even also put restraining orders on her.

4yrs ago the Bartender at GymBar. I forgot his name. Must have overheard me on my cell. Because I started talking to him when my call ended. He told me about you. Krissy. And your Vestigate App. He said he can hook me up with her. He claimed this App is State of the Art. 1st one of it’s kind and she in a year had roughly 25 Investors. He took my info down. And a few Days later I received a call from her. The owner of the App Business. She got in mire detail about. I asked tons of questions. And agreed to meet her whan I was back from my trip. Hawaii for a week. I told her that Bartender was so enthusiastic about the App and said I’d be a fool not to jump on board.

When my trip was over. I did due diligence on Vestigate App. And her and her Business Partner. I don’t remember the other name.

2 days go by and she reached out to me. I didn’t pickup. She calked a few times more. Abd left a few messages. When I get back to call her and every voice mail she said she brought on a knew Investor..I still avoid her call. Then later. 2 days a blocked call comes in and I picked up. It was her. I lied and said I got back in last night. Then I made an excuse to be able to hang up. After a week she stopped calling ne.

The things I read about her was enough to not Invest.

I made the right choice back then seeing today I recently read.

To yell the truth and be completely honest. Krissy is a menace. If you see her. Run. Just run. She’s trouble. Just trouble.


Lady your a F’n joke and that App Biz of yours too is the same.

Lady you never 1’s @ all had a real Biz. It wasn’t. You never made money with it. Not a f’kn dime. In 5yrs you paid 58k in Taxes. 58 Thousand….. One investor alone gave you way over 50k. And that’s one out of 60 Investors you had. The money…… You had to pay your bills and all your F’kn Shiiiit. Was Investment money. You paid you rent. Paid you credit card bills. Bought clothes. You even bought a new SUV with money from just 1 Investor gave you. You used Investment money to pay your Landlord back rent on your Apartment. You were about to be Evicted. And an Investor gave you money for the App Business. But No. 40% of it went to pay bills and 40% to hide in a bank account and 20 if it was 20% went to the Business.

No Lady. You had a F’kn Ponzi Scheme. It was a Ponzi Scheme. Not a Biz.

Hey your Defense Attorney what was his name. The one you went to Law School with…. Gosh what’s his name. You know the Gay one with a Laugh like a Hyena. The one you had a Law Office with on SunSet. Geee his name his name…. What is it…. The one that paid guys for sex. Oh yeah… Michael J Gulden. He was your Defense Attirney in several of Laws8 Filed against you and your Biz partner. That other Lesbian. The Butch one. God Damn she’s ugly. Not that your one Krissy to take home to meet Momma. Cuz on your Bloated Looks and Thunder Thighs. Good thing your a Lesbo. Any ways back to the Gay Defense Attorney….. Wasn’t he Disbarred Defending you. He lied to the Judge abd to the Court on Facts. And on if you had money and where it was. He showed Falsified Paperwork and Bank Statements on Accounts that had a Low to Zero Balance. He lied to the Judge and to the Court trying to show that you and your partner Dykerella were broke. When in fact you had money…… Hidden away….. The Judge Suspended his License and in 2019 he was Disbarred.

Lady you are in a pickle now. Your Biz sunk. The Court shut ut down. And Seized all your Bank Accounts.

The Judge had enough proof that you and that. Ugly Woman Sally Kushner who is over 10 years older than you. I still don’t see how you and her dated years on back. But Love is Blind….. BRB….. I gotta Barf….. The idea of her and you….. Talk about two Butch Dykes…. Lady hit the dirt road on your Bike. Ride as far and as fast as you can. Cuz when all this is done. Your Lesbo asssses will be behind bars. No Passing Go…. Jail for both you Hoe’s.

And member you both are Republican too and Vited for Trump….. He’s right on this…… America will be great again……. Cuz you two be in Lock up for long long tine. Ba Bye…. God gave us light. Karma gave us a long lick down for you and Dykerella.

I can’t wait for the Book Release. And Visiting Days…. I’ll buy an extra. Get it signed and give it to you as a gift.



Only one word comes to mind when I think of her. When I think of this Woman Krissy.



Krissy is Desperate Just like when she was Disbarred…….. She got desperate. So she started that dumn as Fukk App. And when she realized was so costly. She became all desperate again. And took in her Xgf as a Business partner and then together they took in investment money. Then got greedy. And they stole all the money….. And now they have no Business and no money. The Court shut them down. And froze their bank accounts…..

So now she relys solely on Unemployment and Disability. And Stimulus…. So that’s why she’s all desperate again…… Krissy changes her name a lot. And EDD Cali probably has her classified Under Fraud. Because of all her name changes.

Ted……… Krissy is going to be going to Prison. She’s out on bail. That’s WehoVille said in January.

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