This not so lovely tramp has made it her hobby to destroy families. Her past and present has shown she will have relations with anyone. However, IT prefers married men. A family friend has known this pathetic specimen for many years and he personally knows of 50 men she has screwed in her short 39 years of life, most of the men have been married. Once the mans family is destroyed and the game she is playing isn’t fun anymore, she moves on to the next married man. She has lived in Maryland but currently resides in Littlestown, PA. She is known as the town whore in both Littlestown and Hanover, PA. She is also known as an easy w#@re that throws herself at anyone and everyone at her place of employment. She currently works in New Windsor, Md at a large wholesale food distributor (PFG) Give her a call at work, I am sure she would love to meet up in the parking lot. “IT” has had an affair with my Uncle, his son and his daughters boyfriend. “IT” was screwing the son and daughters boyfriend at the same time. “IT” has also wrecked the home of the father-in-law of a friends niece, his cousin and the husband of another friend. Most recently and the last straw for me, she ruined the home of a dear friend and her husband of 18 years. After 25 years together and his wife being his only love in life, he hit a midlife crisis and fell for the games of this dirty tramp. They work together and “IT” started telling the husband about her pathetic life. He in turn started telling the tramp that he didn’t get enough attention at home. “IT” being a professional tramp, saw a crack in the door and started sending him half naked pictures, text messages and telling him he should leave his family. Once the pathetic loser of a husband fell for her game and ruined his family, “IT” stopped talking to him because the game wasn’t fun anymore and she moved on to another married man at work. If she works with a man you know or love, tell them to stay away. She is nothing but dumpster juice trash, a trouble making tramp with no class or boundaries. She can’t keep a man of her own so she ruins families to make herself feel good.

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