Francis Elizondo, Houston – Texas

This is Francis Elizondo biggest fraud and homewhrecker in Houston. Almost a pro at it after 3 baby daddies. Still trying to find her pot of gold lol not over here bitch! Take your goldddinng a55 out of Houston u are ran through. !!!! Tries to cap with a Bentley that she doesn’t have, u can’t keep rotating plates from car to car to make it look like they yours lmao. She Doesn’t have anything under her name still renting. Same shopping bags a year later in pics. When capping goes wrong. Pretending to have so much money but she just a gambling old drunk. She pretends to have strong catholic believes and says she goes to church but sleeping with married man is not the catholic thing to do says she is not that type of women but she is even after she was told he was married she still begging for the d1ck and messaging him “wish u were here” lol take your thirsty a55 somewhere else find a men your age. Stop chasing young guys. No 10 year challenge for u all that work and Botox just make your short ass look plastic and fraud just like your soul. God don’t like ugly miss “catholic girl” … A lot of people have more money than you babygirl u just mad u couldn’t get in his pocket… NEXT!!!


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