Dan Corson – Maine

I dated Dan for a year n during that year I dealt with his insane need to message other girls on facebook or via text or plenty of fish. He would message them things like sexy sweetie baby etc n asking them if they wanted to hang out or hook up. During this time he even messaged a co worker of mine n told her how cute she was then I had to work with this girl. I also still have strong suspicions that he was probably sleeping with his baby mama on occasion n prob messaging her b******* too. So I finally ended it. I stayed friends with him n often he would stay over n whatnot. So five months After the first break up I decided to try again with him. Just to have the same stuff start happening. The constant phone use n tilting the phone so I couldn’t see. Then a friend told me some girl commented on how Dan kept messaging her to hang out. When I asked he outright lied n said he want even friends with her on facebook but I knew that he must have just deleted her. Then a week later when it came back up he claimed he was single n could do whatever he wanted. Well to me when ir with someone day n night n expect them not to see other people I think the same rule applies to both parties. N all this is on top of the awful way he treats a female, the mean horrible things he says, the control problems, the lack of attention he shows but expect to receive it, the fact that he thinks taking a female out or buying her anything makes him a sucker n many more things. I warn all women to stay away from Dan Corson. If u live in or around Bangor Maine beware of this lying man child.


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