Blanca Lopez — Coffeyville, Oklahoma

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Blanca Lopez cheated on her fiance (now husband) with a guy named Ramses that would go to the english classes that her and another teacher used to give. She made the first move by giving him his number. According to Ramses he slept with her more than once.

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  1. ramses

    300 WAI NANI WAY 1618, Honolulu HI 961815, and with one of his gfs PEI WU @ 1220 Mokuhano Street, Hawaii Kai 96825
    Ramses X Rosa is the biggest liar and cheater in Paradise. Pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He goes by Franco Xavier on Tinder and social media. When Ramses meets a new woman he says he is a bachelor and a gentleman, he is nothing but. His wife lives in his hometown in Puerto Rico, she moved there after he screwed her best friend in Honolulu. Ramses travels to see his wife every second month, waiting for her to take him back. Meanwhile he also dates several women in Honolulu that he chases after on Tinder. He tells his Honolulu gfs that he must travel to PR to do “property maintenance” when he visits his wife.
    Ramses works for Ocean Safety Honolulu, but calls himself an entrepreneur who owns his own business in PR. He also says he owns two condos in Honolulu, not true, he is the lessee of a studio in Waikiki.
    He also says he graduated from a college in San Diego, when he is clearly uneducated and cannot even spell the most simple English words. He says he traveled the world for water sports competition and work, all bs. Ramses will say and do whatever to get laid, he even sends pics of his cock to his wifes gfs. Spreads herpes!

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