Alan Holmes – Florida

Alan Holmes and Kimberlie Oppold are financial advisors that started their affair immediately after she came into his office to be trained. She was trained and did some training for him too. He has had many affairs and they both use their company offices like a bedroom. His wife suspected from the beginning but a very revealing inappropriate photo was accidentally messaged to his wife after he sent it to Kimberlie. He was showing her how excited he was for her to get to the office. His wife approached both begging for them to tell her the truth, but they only lied and made her feel ignorant. She finally caught them together in his office kitchen and he was trying to get his pants up. Supposedly no one wants a divorce they just want to #!#!#!. As he explained to his wife he and Kimberlie are superior to her and Kimberlie’s husband. I told Nancy that cheaters and liars are just that and not superior to anyone. She is afraid as both Alan and Kimberlie threatened her when she emailed the woman on her office email. She finally told him to leave after she thought they were trying to put things back together and found they had never quit screwing. Nancy was asked not to tell their company about their affair and she gave their word as they said their affair was over. Nancy kept her word but they never even tried to. Do they lie to their clients like they lie to their spouses? Several clients know and witnessed their mutual admiration in the office. Their secretaries knew too as they were always closing doors or sneaking into back offices. Nancy actually was employed by EJ too as being able to work when they needed extra help but Kimberlie didn’t want her come into the office after she found them in the back dark offices and then Nancy was threaten. The sad thing is Nancy pays the loan on that building each month and said she feels like she is paying for her husband’s w**** house. She has put up with his lying and his mistresses calling her about their affairs for 30 years thinking each time he’s sorry and wants her back he will change but he won’t and I think this time she is convinced.


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