Todd Stansfield – Maryland

I was married to Todd Stansfield of sykesville, Maryland. He was a cheater with a couple people while we married! He blamed me for everything. He loves to have multiple partners and talked me into doing threesomes. I caught his A** and we split up about 5 1/2 yrs now. But the woman he is with is karma! He cheated with her on me because what goes around comes around and she will screw him over eventually! I am very happy in a loving committed relationship, thank god away from little d***!! Literally… He is a selfish person that I wasted years with.. Be warned it’s about every 5 years he is with a new one he cheats he gets caught… Todd stansfield women from Sykesville, Md. He is in a Couple local bands so what out for your girl friends or wives.


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