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Someone posted on the STD carriers website that Michelle de Vandahlcourte, Christina Lucero, Siera E. Stanton, and Jerelaine Dotson ALL have the EXACT same peculiar combination of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, They ALL live in Texas. What no one seems to be talking about is that they are all professional, paid prostitutes! Yes, they are all stewardesses flight attendants or whatever. Or they once were. That’s how they all met. But that’s just there day job. Unfortunately, youtube already removed the video called: the slutty go round. But what it showed was all four of them plus two other hookers performing at an outdoor party. At the party, each of these females was tied up to a merry-go-round at a park sometime at night. They were on their knees bent over with their asses pointed outwards. A LARGE group of men/ we lost count but it look like over 36 of them took turns spinning the slutfilled merry-go-round like a roulette wheel. The men were naturally standing around the circle waiting to see where it stopped. When it came to a stop the men would go to whichever hooker was closest to them and f*** her. When all six of them were done, a new group of guys would gather around and the slutwheel would get spun again. They got spun and f***ked a total of 8 times throughout the night, but some guys went back for seconds. That’s why we lost count on the men. This all seems to be happening in a town near Dallas. It explains why the four females are all having the exact same combination of diseases. Through the evening only one man that we can see on the vid goes back and repeatedly has sex with ALL SIX prostitutes. We don’t know who he is just that he’s an African American man about 6 and a half feet tall hwp wearing a San Antonio Spurs sweatshirt. We don’t know who the other two prostitutes are but it’s a pretty good bet they also have the same kind of pu$$y rot infections!

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