Scott lavers , Sydney – Australia

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Scott Lavers I wish I never had anything to do with him he’s a nasty person who used me, treated me like shit and then manipulated me into giving him everything I had. He is a complete narcissist who would put me down, manipulate me, control me and treat me like I was shit.I stood by him throughout jail, stuck by him and forgave him no matter what he did and gave him all the money I had cos he pressured me into doing so. At least 17000 I loaned him for legal bills but being a week dog he refuses to pay me back and tried to deny the loan happaned!!
Fortunately most of the $17,000 I gave him was done via bank transfer. In addition to this I have Old texts from him and witnesses proving that the money I assisted him with was a loan. This is all going to be used in court to get justice and get back some of what he owes me. Unfortunately I can’t get back the years I wasted on him and the love I gave him.People should be warned about him as I know I’m not the only one to be ripped off and taken advantage of. What kind of man abuses a girl? What kind of shit human being forces his girlfriend into doing things she doesn’t want to do because he cares more about himself then her. What kind of weak coward tells his girlfriend that bikies would hurt her and leave her terrified and frightened because he made her think she and him were both at risk if she didn’t give him thousands of dollars so he could pay them iprotection money. He did this just to trick me into giving him more money!!What sort of low life even robs money from a woman? Well I guess it’s the same kind of guy who tries to make her take his criminal charges, pimps her out to his mate that he sells drugs too, forces her into a threesome with himself and another even though she didn’t to. After he took all my money and left me with nothing I remember how I once asked him to help me out by giving me a little bit of food because I hadn’t eaten in days and he refused. I shouldn’t have been suprised because he once dumped me on the side of a highway at 2am in Penrith because he was too selfish to give me $20 for a taxi to the train station when he had made me come all the way to Penrith in the first place.

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