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Sally Grace Kushner used to work for Gibeaut Mahan & Briscoe of Los Angeles. They fired her. And her license was taken away. She was Disbarred from practicing Law in California. Sally started an App called Vestigate. And she and her Business partner Kristin Marie Schuh who is also a Disbarred Attorney both been sued by several Investors. They been sued for fraud. You can google Schuh online and read the reviews and postings that come up. Or vestigate App fraud. Or Vestigate Lawsuit. Several things pop up with both of their names shown. Sally Kushner can not be trusted at all. The same with her Business partner Kristin Schuh. Look both of their names up online. See what you find. You will then see why they both been Disbarred from practicing Law and their Business sued for Fraud. In the image attached Schuh on left and Kushner on right.


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Sally you are a complete moron to get all involved with Krissy Schuh. That Woman has brought nothing but trouble in your life. I remember. You poured your heart iut ti us when she brone your heart after she git out of Law School. Then later Krissy marries a man. Gets Divorced. She married him just to get money out of it. Later she gets Disbarred from practicing Law. Steals money from her Clients and gets caught. Then she starts her Gay App Business needs money. Gets you involved. Then steals money from investors. And in 2020. Her Bank Accounts get frozen and she loses her Business. She’s being sued for Fraud. And you what. Still in love with her. You are a damn fool. And everyone says. Sally a sucker for that one.

If I invested money and this Krissy person stole it. She would of stoken from the wrong guy. I would hunt her down and that be the end of her. I’m not kidding. Never mind the Courts. Never mind the Judge. I’d take her out. And end her. If she robbed me. That Fu(ken B!tch be found on the floor dead.

I saw her b4 Lock Down. She was sitting at the back side of the Bar. Next to some chubby bald guy.

And I remember hearing a guy to the Bartender and another guy. I heard the Bartender talk Shyt about her. And the other guy said. Here look at this. They were looking stuff up about her and the shyt she did.

And she was at the back at the end of the Bar. And people were talking about her.

Only way I knew. I was waiting for my drink. And tge Bartender said that’s her. She’s in here almost every day.


Sally’s lover Krissy and her hired Michael J Gulden. To defend them in several Lawsuits. And they lost. Everyone to the Plaintiff suing them.

He went to the same Law School Southwest Law School and shared a Legal Office with Krissy Schuh on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood……The same Krissy Schuh that used to have the App…. Barseen App in West Hollywood….. Yeah. The same person.

No Krissy Schuh never went ti Cal State and Studied Business. And No Krissy Schuh never worked for NBC… CBS… HBO… ESBN for the last 20 years b4 starting her Gay App… No Krissy Schuh is not an Honest Woman. And No. Krissy Schuh did not use her own money to start the Gay App Barseen App…… As she likes to tell people. Krissy used to be an Attorney and she was Disbarred in 2014…. She never. No not once… Not even for a split second worked in the Entertainment Industry…. It’s another one of her lies… That today makes her so famously known for… Lol

Krissy Schuh is a God Damn Liar….. Nothing more than a Con Woman. And a Fu€king thief. Yes she’s very Dishonest. Yes she did steal from Clients she represented back years ago when she practiced Law. And Yes she did steal from…. All…. And I mean All…. Every single Investor she had that Invested money. And yes Mark Miller alone Invested 100k. And Mickey Lamar 30k. And many many…. Many others between 10k to 50k each….. And Yes…… Most of them. 90% of them were friends of hers. And Yes she had over 40 Investors and Yes under 60 Investors. And Yes I’m confident you can do the math and figure it out the number….. Because Krissy says she can’t…. Lol

And Yes this is all true. I will swear under Oath in Court in Front of the Judge…… And…. No I am not a Republican and I did not Vote for Trump……. But Yes Krissy Schuh is a Republican and she did Vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020……

And No I’m not Atheist……. Yes Krissy Schuh is…. Athiest.

Have a Blessed day

Ngoli. When I think of this one Sally Kushner and the other Krissy Schuh. And their Barseen App. I think if the sitcom Friends and Phoebe singing. Smelly Cat.

Smelly Cat
Smelly Cat
How we don’t want no Smelly Cat

Smelly Cat
Smelly Cat
What do we do with Smelly Cat.

Krissy Schuh
Sally Kushner
Two Smelly Cats being sued

Ngoli you are right. And I text Sally and I said to her. I will not be friends with someone that has done what she did. Stealing money from people. She responded and said that’s fine believe what I want. And she said too. That she did nothing wrong. Investments are a risk. How so………. she help steal the money. She stole money…… She was involved in Investment Fraud.. Its in the F’n paper too. I have the article right here. When I read it. I goigked her name. And I read this and 14 other Blogs.

So I tokd Sally. I will not be friends with someone that steals. And she cussed me out. So that tells me on how she replied that she’s trying to cover saying she didn’t steal the money. The investors knew it was a risk…..

Sally 2 words to you…… F You. You are a liar..

And if it hasn’t yet happened. Your license to practice Law be Taken away too. And you will as well be Disbarred.

This guy Ernie. My friend. He moved to Boston a year ago September. He told me about you. And Krissy And I had to look you up. He was telling it right. I thought he was making the Shyt up. And he wasn’t. He said too his ass better not be pulled into Court over helping you and all that Barseen junk you got him doing from before. He said if he does end up having to go to Court. He will tell the Judge the truth. Ernie won’t go to jail lying in Court to save your ass. He said that. Now I’m going to google a Michael Gulden and read about him and a Trevor Lapaglia. He said they involved in it and a Giovanni Vitulli too.

Sally used to be an Attorney she lost her License being involved in the Barseen App situation. Sane with Krissy Schuh and their Lawyer Michael Joseph Goulden. They toi Disbarred. And can no longer practice Law.

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