Robert Wanzo — California

Bobby, Robert or, “zo” are a few of the names this felon goes by. I also heard he is a woman beater who beats pregnant women and talks about his past flings making up horrific rumors to hide the fact he’s a convicted felon. Not only does he say he owns a clothing line, is a doting father (mother has a restraining order on him), and he’s dangerous – he’s a hidden closet f a g. He rolls town to town in Texas and California with an older man. This older man has sex with him. They are a thing and he refuses to anounce the truth. Back to the clothing line, “Zo” claims he owns INTO THE AM. That’s a lie. This dirtbag says he knows Leo DiCaprio and James Franco. Now, apparently Bobby (I am unsure what to call him since he goes by many names) has the disease lupus. He also claims he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived due to chanting Buddhist stuff. He was part of the Free Masons as well- cough cough and he’s 33rd Reich. LOL. If he hates you, he will say you have DRDS and you’re ugly because that’s all he can say when his rap is so awful. Don’t talk to him. Robert should seek the help he needs. He has many felony crimes you can find online. You can find him in sf wearing little jumpers slapping his a55 on a pole or beating his baby momma, maybe even that older guys d1ck. AVOID HIM HE IS DANGEROUS- traveling state to state to hide out.


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