Have you met Rachelle Visconte? I have. Hopefully you have just met this woman and have put technology to good use to look up everyone you meet. *Surprise* She works for the Orange County PD. Lo-key and off the books.Now she will tell you she is an attorney or that she can help you with whatever you need help with. All very friendly and almost sincere. YET far from it.Her and her bestie like to scam people so when they get into trouble they work off their debt to society by making deals with the district attorneys office. “Give three, Go free” is what it’s called. It doesn’t matter who they bring in or how just that they get a conviction. Rachel studied law at U.C. Berkeley and *Surprise* then she had her license ordered inactive after her convictions. Liars Cheaters R Us should rename themselves to Liars Cheaters Corruption R Us. With a special O.C. EDITION! Did I mention she was released on her own recognizance for two felony charges and $20,000 bail ($2,000 or less) for a long list of “alleged” misdemeanor crimes. That is unheard of in O.C. and in most counties. Also, I can’t get you a photo because conveniently Orange County doesn’t have booking photos for her and her bestie, Liza (Lisa) Fatema Reza Granse or whatever concocted name she’s going by at the moment. Try requesting their information under the freedom of information act and they will not give it out.


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