Larissa Marie Cruz – New Jersey

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Larissa Marie Cruz aka both the Quasimodo and least fave person of A. Harrington limousine service in New Jersey is a liar and a cheat. Sounds basic doesn’t it? How many times did she fornicate her husband’s close friend before getting dumped and then crawling back to her own husband? Five? Ten? Fifteen times?
How low must you be to fornicate with someone else’s husband and to attempt to separate his children from their mother?, her naive and uninformed husband whom she badmouthed and promised her lover she’d never return to, the entire time she cheated took her back.
Is it true love? Or true deception that has kept them together? You can find the traveling mortician at a Mets game or simply waddling around Cateret, NJ. Stay out of its way and hold on tight to your husbands and significant others, some people have no impulse control and let’s not even get into discussing bipolar issues.

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