Jim E. Florian – Florida

This person is not to be trusted. Lies, cheats, scams and plays victim. DO NOT believe a word he tells you, because it is all lies. He is very well tuned into how to read a person and juggles several relationships at once. He loves to cheat just for the thrill of it. His wife filed divorce because he brought women into their home behind her back, while she visited family alone. He was abusive to her for many years! He visited his family and brought people with him, while they lied to cover up for him. He and his family are low life. HIs family hides behind church to cover for ugly deeds. A messed up situation, one nobody deserves. Beware and be Warned. UGLY person. RUN, don’t walk to the nearest exit. He will yank out your heart and eat it while smiling at you! He is a nasty person too. You can imagine what I mean, if you think about it. Don’t risk it! Run from the danger of him! Save yourself, before you find out just how bad you are going to suffer. He has nothing to offer you but smoke and mirrors. Ugly and nasty and dishonest person. RUN!


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