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I recently found out my husband was cheating on me . The icing on the cake , this w**** was son’s teacher. Her name is Whitney Prather . She teaches in Cobb Co. Georgia . She had dated my husband years before and they broke things off in college. She married a man named Mark or Marcus Hall of Smyrna Ga. She has cheated on him repeatedly and he cowardly stays under her thumb. She is nothing but w****! My husband did admit his part , we are trying to heal. I’m trying to heal from his betrayal ! He claimed to be visiting with a friend , while on the phone with his w****. I found phone records going back to the beginning of the school year . There were more than 10 HOURS of talk time and numerous text messages ! When my son was placed in her classroom at Campbell Middle , she swore no past issue would effect her ability to teach . WRONG!!!!! She even phoned him ( my husband ) while she was at school. He is just as much to blame or even more . I just had to vent it out! Whitney Prather Hall is a Home Wrecking W**** ! Call and tell her you saw her information here . 706-633-3168 !


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