Jason N Hiles – California

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Where do i start; its a long, ugly, sad, huge mess. Its so heart wrecking that i want to laugh cuz i dont know what else to do. Jason N Hiles, 43 yrs, repeat 43 damn yrs old, is a little kid. Lived in Vista but lives in Carlsbad after being kicked out. A instigator who stole from his mom & her boyfriends to now after 11yrs found he was with hookers buying knock off viagra to have sex with them & writing his “regulars” checks that bounced. She was pissed, really pissed. Then it all started pouring out, hookers, lies about everything, sex pills, hotels, dating sites & apps, burner phone numbers, drugs, more lies, took my car he got it towed getting another ticket refuses to get it back, manipulates, uses money to try to control, always negative in his accounts bouncing checks everywhere from over spending on hookers & drugs, likes that you suffer becausd he feels like he’s winning. Ive caught him with fake money he was making to have more money to do these things. Talks shit about everyone behind their backs & acts like he has no family. He cheated on his ex-wife but she never found out so he doesnt consider it real b/c she never found ou. He just broke out in hives from the stress of constant lies & hiding everything maybe when he had more of a conscious. She caught him with drug bags & he would just lie say its his friends & of course she wanted to believe her husband & not think he’s been lying all that time & living a double life basically. He blames you for a the problems, his choices, his decisions, the reason he had to do those things, if you were more understanding, nicer, more involved in the relationship, not so distant, spent quality time. All those things are excuses & just him trying to find a way to blame you so he doesnt feel so bad & doesnt have to accept the responsibility of what he has done. That he hurt you that bad cuz its partly your fault too. After kicking him out he’s left me bills, overdue bills always a month or 2 behind, months behind in rent, took 1 dog out of the 3 (the cutest) left me with 2, took my car & got it towed getting a ticket again & wont help me get it back when he took it b/c his battery died & didnt want to walk down the street to get another, the bills he did pay called wolf & had it reversed though it was approved already done months ago but he wants me to suffer so theyve been turned off, brags about how he did pay the bills when he lived with me in the really cheap rental but no he does if he has to b/c he lives here to otherwise he only gots himself no need to brag, says & promises to take care of the mess he’s left if only I get back together with him & work it out. Really you monster, no thanks. While he makes sure you suffer cuz he feels like he’s winning. This is just a warning to you out there about a very bad guy his name is Jason N Hiles in Carlsbad, ca & there is a reason im warning you & it will be at your own risk cuz he wont change you could bet on that

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