I want to warn the ladies of Hollywood California of this Narcissistic fame hungry former child actor. Don’t just be cautious girls. Yes he is a cutie, seems like he is a mom’s boy, charming at times, but once he reels you in then you see the real a55hole who WAS FAMOUS. Again WAS FAMOUS. Then you realize why he is not famous anymore. When you first meet him the clothes he wears are replay clothes that were freebies on his last show from 2016. He will feed you a story about his humble up bringing and how his mama is his support and backbone to why he is a successful actor in Hollywood. Then he will open up to you on how he can’t be alone since he is depressed from his last show which he feels cheated him out on a great life in Hollywood. So be careful ladies he attaches himself to anyone who treats him nice, because he is very emotionally as you get to know him and plays games because he is not happy about himself, so he punishes you. He lies to his family about all his relationships because he cant be seen as a bad person because it will not be good for his career. To bad he doesn’t realize word is out on the street about him about his egotistical attitude. Which is why Hollywood casting agents would hire a newbie than teach this pup new tricks. He was. Again was a heart breaker back in the day. Watch your money around this lying gold digger. Because he has a big ego (lifestyle) that he needs to fill to keep up. He will say and do anything he can to keep the money coming. Actually he screwed my sister out of a ton of cash and expensive gifts. More than likely the watch on his wrist was paid by my sister’s savings. I warned her but she didn’t listen to me and now is trying to he build her life after a year with this manipulator. For months he acted like he was all into her and even told me he loved her. I have to say he is a good actor because I was sold. My sister gave him money, paid for their vacations and took him shopping all the time at the Beverly center. Then on her birthday he dumped her and never called her again. It was obvious this was one broke selfish fool, who couldn’t even pay for a simple birthday dinner at McDonald’s. He is selfish, mood, boy band look a like from LA who is using is previous fame for gain. Ladies run when you see him asking for your number at the Beverly center, because if my sister did she would of not ruined her life. Like I said to her. YOU DON’T DATE FORMER CHILD ACTORS. YOUR BETTER THAN THAT. True snake here and is a selfish dude that everyone needs to stay away from, especially if you live within the radius of 30 miles of Hollywood, California.


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