Eneida Besic – Missouri

I’m one of her 100 ex boyfriends that she dated and got smashed by. She is a horrible person, always fights with whoever is better than her. We dated and she cheated on me by talking to other guys and meeting up with the to have a “good time” . Her whore friend Belma B. And herself like to go cheat around and leave their kids to the baby daddy’s. Eneida used to look good but now she looks like a rotten rag from all the guys she has been banged by. This girl is a fat slob and has the audicity to call her overweight brother shamming names!!!! Her current ex is a lucky guy to have left her. This girl posts on Facebook stuff about being a good girl and how mirza used to beat her. Mirza is a good dude and your loss Eneida!!! And ur hair cutting sucks btw. U need to work at the gym and lose that fat.


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