Elliot Breen – Virginia

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Elliot Breen – LIES & CHEATS. Elliot Breen is a liar and a cheater. Was in a longer term committed monogamous relationship with this man for years, was told daily that he loved me and that we were happy. HOWEVER, I found him one night on his phone at 2am and asked him what he was doing and found out that he was messaging some girl talking about baseball and other miscellaneous conversation… no big deal… UNTIL he went to a party and got his dick sucked by that same girl. Not only did not I not trust him after finding the messages and asking he not surround himself with this girl and to block her, which he didn’t do, but he specifically went because this girl invited him to the party and he got his dick sucked by her which I find totally deplorable. When asked he said it did not happen, however there were witnesses (multiple) and the other woman ended up admitting it to me. So he lied, he cheated, begged me to forgive him (I did for two weeks but couldnt get over all the bullshit) and then he started sleeping the other woman after I broke up with him. Gross.

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