Crystal Wylie – Texas

This chick is a disgusting mess. For beginners she prefers to copulate males in relationships . She will certainly copulate almost any person that gives her any amount of attention, like my p.o.s now ex-boyfriend. I only found out about her thanks to her friend Mylene, who use to work with me at the doctor’s office. It’s apparent that you simply need to give her some wine or any alcohol to get her drunk for her to spread her disgusting legs. She’ll always be someone’s booty call.This whore is a cheating, lying, slut, homewrecker. This bitch needs to be exposed. Her physical structure has been described from her huge nipples taking up half of her saggy unportional breast, to the flabby stretch mark covered stomach, her cottage cheese ass due to cellulite and don’t forget that bird like nose, so don’t waste your time. Women beware if she happens to know or work with your husband or significant other because she has a thing for men who are already taken. Just another typical self absorbed looser. Obviously does not give a damn if a man is taken and how it effects the innocent women and families involved! She is nothing but nasty cheating scum!! Her own friend says that she lives off her mom and father, she cannot parent to save her life. A revolting justification for a mom. While intoxicated she will certainly fuck nearly any person. She has mental problems, manipulative, self loathing, self centered, immature, and much more. She’ll always be some easy piece of ass. This woman lost her only chance at being loved and having a family, so make sure she doesn’t ruin yours!


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