Celest Belle — Tucson, Arizona

By the time she was 21 she amassed a body count of over her age, mostly older, richer men. She stole my boyfriend, my makeup and jewelry when she stayed over while I was on a work trip, and I heard she crashed (and totaled!) some guys car. I think she may have been positive for a DRD and will send topless pics to any guy. her last instagram account was @Misscelestebelle19, but I don’t know if she started a new one, I’m not on it. She stole thousands of dollars from my ex on clothes, even after they’d broken it off. She claims to be “no drinking, partying, drugs, drama, whatever, but she does at least the first two things frequently. And don’t get me started on the drama part. STAY AWAY no matter how she acts. She ruins every relationship she enters. Don’t not fall for it.


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