Tracy Dipietro – Texas

Tracy has been married so many times she doesn’t let the ink dry from her divorce before she is getting married to some other victim. She lies about everything. She steals from all her family and friends. Has a restraining order out against her from attacking her husband. She is so lazy and won’t get a job to support herself she is living with her mom until she finds another husband. She never even graduated high school or got a GED. She was fired from her last job because she was embezzling money. Hasn’t worked in over 8 years. She beat her son and lost custody. The only reason she wanted him around was for the child support money. Now she isn’t paying child support and her kid hates her. Her friends all turned their back on her because she has lied so much that she doesn’t even know the real truth. She is 41 and will sleep with anyone who will buy her things or give her money. She has cheated on every person she has ever been with and always bragged to her friends and sister about it. She is a SCAM ARTIST!


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