Shelby Nicole Medley – Florida

Shelby Nicole Medley is the epitome of a horrible human being. She lied, cheated, stole, made up pregnancies…and that was before she went lesion and dated me. I should’ve known better – I was the woman on the side, initially. Her butch gf, Lynn Saccente, was throwing money at her. Apparently that wasn’t enough. Shelby stile money from her daughters cheerleading team(3k!), her ex employer ( 22k!!) Her gf (5k) and cheated on her with me. Now I found out she stole money from me too (13k) over time. She manipulates everyone she comes into contact with. She is in the healthcare field, and has access to private, personal information and uses it to steal from elderly people. Shelby nicole medley is the WORST type of animal on earth.


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