Rick G Patel and Alexandra Ervin – Florida

let’s see. we dated 6 lovely years with no cheating scandal. yes, he’s a 30 second man (hope you can help yourself ladies!!) yes his sick is average at best, yes he’s INCREDIBLY CHEAP, but love is blind. the last straw was when i caught him spending the weekend with some drugged out party mom with two kids she clearly neglects. he denied it but i found this gem in his phone. rick patel (35) and his side piece Alexandra Ervin (28) so clearly he can’t deny it anymore. after 6 years of love and being best friends .. he does me like this. he also drinks when he wakes up- regardless the day. the best part is when he was texting me asking about hanging the next day… while with her. i guess she really is a lousy lay. he still won’t admit it! “i don’t need a bitch with two kids” ::eyeroll:: once he started lying i decided to get even. so here i am. i’m only his second gf… he has zero experience and it shows.. every way possible! that’s the whole lexi in the pic! she’s just as bad because she was friend of mine!!!! she also has two kids and is at the bars every weekend getting wasted. Smoking all sorts of things. She’s a druggie mom and doesn’t deserve her kids !


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