Randall Scott Campbell – Missouri

I just wanted it to be known that Randall Scott Campbell Molested a little boy for 6 years he also physically abused that little boy from age 1 till age 7… He just got out of prison he only got 5 years that’s less years than how many years he tortured that poor innocent little boy he deserves to rot in hell… He tortured that same little boys sister mentally he called her names, threatened to kill her, told her he killed her mom, beat up her mom in front of her and her little brother… He beat those little kids mom up every night and blamed it on the little girl saying nothing bad would ever happen again if they just got rid of the little girl, kept her from seeing her kids, twisted her arms behind her back while she was asleep and much more… Randall Scott Campbell tortured that family, stalked them, tried running them over, made them fear for their lives, climbed in their windows, and so many more awful things…. He completely took advantage of a family grieving from the loss of the little kids dad who died tragically…. PLEASE SHOW THE WORLD THIS POS RANDALL SCOTT CAMPBELL FOR THE CHILD MOLESTING ANIMAL HE IS! — Randall Campbell if you get the chance to see this know that your prison sentence may be finally over but the repercussions from the hurt you have caused has no end date in sight. You will reap what you sew! Ask yourself this…. Are you ready?


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