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Kristin Marie Schuh. Aka as Kris. Aka as Krissy. Started a Business called The Vestigate LLC. Which is an online App. She started it a few years after she was Disbarred from practicing Law in Los Angeles. She withheld funds from a client. So she was Disbarred. She later started the app called The Vestigate in West Hollywood. She’s been receiving Investment funding. When her Accountant..Be Free Bookkeeping and Accounting heard Kristin was receiving money and defrauding Inverters January 2017 they discontinued doing Business with Vestigate. Kristin did not inform them about the outsideInvestment money that they were funneling in.

178 thoughts on “Kristin Marie Schuh — California

  1. Ken McNally

    Krissy you really are a piece of Shyt. I have nothing nice to say about you. You are plain scum. Stealing all that money. From friends that are Gay.

    I do hope that you. Your Business partner go to Jail. You both deserve it. Stealing money and lying to people that you have this App Business that’s so great. And people are so positive about it. I heard it all. You stole all the money fron your Investors. Yes stole it. You used the money for personal gain. To buy a car. After the obe you had was repossessed. Take trips. Buy clothing. Get current on your rent. You were about to be evicted. Yeah Bytch. I heard it all……. And I’d hear you say. My App is great everyone so Positive about it……… No ones positive about it now. Everyone knows you stole the money. I hear you have over 50 Investors.

    Im glad Mark Miller sued you. When I heard he fiked a Lawsuit against you in 2017 I was thrilled. Cuz you deserve it. You deserve to be sued. You should be sued…… And you should be prossecuted for Fraud and put in jail. And I hooe One day. I hear people say. You know that App Business. The one Krissy Schuh had. She’s in jail now. Becuz Bytch that is where you belong.

    Rot in Hell Krissy. You are the scum of the Earth.

    1. Lenny Libden

      I Googled her name. I read a lot. There’s a lot there. Posted about her and the other ones involved. So many people they F’cked over. A lot.

      1. Sandy Cohen

        I hate this Woman. There’s nothing good about her. She knows Trent. He told me she text him about another person and she referenced that guy to Trent. She Calling Trent’s friend a lying F÷cken F%ggot. And all kinds of other things. This Krissy Woman nasty. A liar and she stole tons on 💰 money 💰 and she calls Trents friend a lying F%ggot.

        1. Andy Angel

          I remember seeing the YouTube Video of her swearing at guys on Thanksgiving and calling them the F word. And she slammed the door when she left the Gay Bar

          1. Dyllan Carter

            It’s the Red Headed one I hate. So that you all know.

            The reason. I know one of the guys she stole money from. His 1st name is Walter. And he won’t ever see a cent back.

            And they were friends b4. He met her… Her last year in Law School.

            So if any of you think at all this Woman is a decent person and can trust her. You fukken crazy. She will take anything she can get her hands on. Especially your Wallet.

      2. Tyler Thomas

        She F’n did that. I never knew any if this until Sunday when Joel cane back and said read this check this out. That Krissy Woman you know stole money. And it was alot of money too. I helped to promote her App 3yrs ago. Get people to join and sign up. No one said anything to me that she stole money. And BTW. When the F was she a Lawyer. I never knew she used to be one. She said she worked for the Network in Entertainment. And I believed her.

        1. Noah Robertson

          Tyler. Krissy never worked in Television. Or at a NetWork. She lied and made it all up. Today she’s on SSDI. She no longer has that App Business. And she’s collecting off the State. She’s claiming tge Lawsuits fiked against her. Caused her a mental Breakdown. She blames it all on the people that are suing her. Lol…. She had no mental breakdown. It’s another one of her lies.

          1. James Allright

            🍬🍬When I think of Krissy Schuh…. I don’t think of a cool peppermint patty that melts the day away. 🍬🍬

            💲 💲When I think of Krissy Schuh. All I think about are all the money she stole from people. 💲 💲

          2. Greg Plummer

            No she didn’t. I read a Blog where a guy said he was friends of her for years. And recently found out she lied to him. He said he no longer talks to her. If she lied about that. She’d lie about anything.

            I agree.

        2. Brion Tayson

          This Bittch shanked so many people. Most she shanked were people she new.

          Her Lady Business partner too shanked people. Lots.

          And they just took the peoples money and stole it.

          The Business didnt make any money. The money they used for themselves were the money they shanked from the investors the stole from. Renaldae say. They had way over 40 Investors.

          Renaldae my BF old friend. He he told us the scoop. This lady Krissy and Sally are Vesry Dishonest. Krissy used to be an Attorney. And about 10 yrs ago stole s shiit load of money from a guy she represented. And Renaldae says he knows that person. And the Guy told the Court she shanked him. And Krissy never paid the money he posted in his Lawsuit. So the Court took away jer License.

          Then she did that App Business. Got caught stealing again. And Renalae says the District Attorney’s Office closed them down and froze the money. So now they going to Court of Fraud Charges.

          I hope those people get their money back. Renaldae says they wont. They all got squewed by those 2 lady’s

        3. Greg Plummer

          I found out today.

      3. Dixion Gray

        I figured the day would come when all shyt hits the fan. And Krissy’s Walls all Crumble down around her all at once. And it did

      4. Liam Kirkpatrick

        She goes by Kirsten too.

        1. Preston Gates

          We will be calling her jail bird soon.

          1. Derek Rivera

            She changes her name than most guy change their underware.

            She changes her name so often because she’s done so much shyt. If she was an honest Woman and not some Dishonest Dyke. Then her name be the same. This bytch done so much. That her name been changed a lot.

            I don’t even know what she goes by today

      5. Andreas Sanchez

        Hey Lenny. Are you working at the New GymBar

      6. Jack Libdon

        There are so much stuff on her. And not one thing is any thing good.

      7. Greg Plummer

        I Googled her name. And a lot of things cane up. She’s a very bad person. Tons of people wrote exactly how they felt about her. A lot of them knew her and were friends of hers

        1. Peter Samms

          Yes. I did that too. And yes Greg there’s a lot of stuff written about her and The Barseen App.

      8. Todd Park 💋 💋

        Gurl……. Krissy n Sally had over 50 Investors.

        They stole the 💰 money 💰 from each one.

        That’s why they are no longer in Business………they’ve been caught………… And they have been Indicted.

        Karma got you back good Krissy….. And I can say for everyone………. Good 😃 we are Happy 😂

        I’m Todd Park. And will be Celebrating 🎆 when they are locked up and put away for Fraud.

    2. Todd Park

      Ken….. Krissy Schuh is done. The App Business was her last straw at (making) money… I mean stealing money. Remember the Bytch used to be an Attorney and she screwed that all up stealing fron a client. Then laters… She started the App. And she screwed that all up. Stole again.

      So she’s all done. People know. They all know. That what she did. And no obe trusts her. Even the Bars she used to have her Cams in for her App. They are done with her. She lied to them and they found out laters.. That she stole tons n tons n tons of money from people. So ya….. The owners of the Bars they don’t want her in there. They are all done with the Drunken App lady’s and their App of Bullshyt.

      And get this. Krissy Schuh is a Fkn Republican. That right. She is a Pro Trump. And she ran a Gay App. And she’s a Fckn Republican.. . It’s true….

      This Bytch her Business Partner Sally Kushner are done. Over. Their Business closed down by order of the Court. Those Broads did it to themself. They chose to run their Business that way. Stealing. No one put a gun to there heads and said Do it.

      So now Krissy has no App. No Job. No Friends…… But she has her bottle of Vodka… And hopefully Diet RedBull to was the liquor down.

      Google her name. Read what comes up.

      Todd out 💋 💋

      1. Owen Wentworth

        I did Todd. I googled her and read everything I could find………. You know when I met her 3 years ago……… She didn’t act or sound like someone like that. Even the Bartender there said her App is great and everyones using it…….. She didn’t seem like the kind that would be stealing money from people…… She really had me fooled…….. I feel bad for all those people she swindled money out of. She’s a real twisted Wonan…. Because what all I read. Most of them were her friends.

      2. Allan Sweeney

        ………Look 👀 out guys 👀……… Stay far away from Kris Schuh… For for Gods sake. ……….Don’t give her any 💰 money money.

        1. Chad Green

          Last time I saw her was before Covid19. Over a year ago. She looked like Shyt.

          And no one talked to her. She was at the end of the Bar and not one person was with her.

          That really says sonething when you’re in a Bar. There’s like 50 people around. And not any seemed to even say hi.

          1. 🌴 Todd Park 🌴

            Todd here. 👋 Hi 👋

            Did you guys here. Krissy is in eviction mode. Again.. And she has no Barseep App to Con people into investing into her…. Cr/App Barsleez. I mean Barseen….

            So Krissy is Royally Fuuuuuckkkkked…. I got one word to say on that…… G o o d. 👍

            She owes back rent for months…. Krissy is screwed.

            Krissy maybe Giovanni Vitulli and Gary Thomas will let you live with them….. Or that Gay Lawyer that lied to the Court for you. And was Disbarred cuz of it. Michael J Gulden………Maybe him. You both used to have a Law Office on Sunset. There’s always Saaaaaaalllllllly. That Biiiitch was stupid enough to go into the App with you in 2016 years after you kicked her to the curb. I mean you two would make a good pair. But I hear people been saying her n you been fighting. I think she knows you never wanted her to be apart of your Barseen App but you were Dessperate in the Beginning. Then Sally saw how easy it was to manipulate people invest. That she stopped taking on Clients. Does she still have her License to practice Law. Or did the Judge Disbar her too….. If not yet soon enough. Sally upset cuz she knows theres a good chance she’ll be facing Prison time. Fraud and Money Laundering isn’t anything to laugh about. Oh shyt. I almost forgot. Tax Fraud too. You and her have not paid taxes on the money you both funnelled in….. And we know how much money you both funnelled in and stole…. Let’s say each other 50 Investors put in 10k each….. Phuk Krissy that’s 500k…… And remember Mark Miller. He put in 100k. And sued you.

            Of you could always move back home…to Colorado…. Oh wait…………. Your Family is Disgusted with you. OMG. They know. Well….. Count them out. What about Mikey Lamar. Oh I forgot. He Over Doced 4 days after Christmas in 2017. Left a Suicide note saying you never paid him back his 30k Investment…… He’s out. You can’t move in and live with him. He’s been Dead over 4 years.

            What are you going to do when your Landlord Denands all those months you not pay rent since Covid 19. As soon as the Eviction Ban is over. He will want his money….. All of it……. Oh wait. He will have to sue you like the other 4 Landlords you had too….. They Won and have a Judgement against you.

            Krissy you up shyts creek. In a sinking boat. With no paddle….

            ……………😝…………….Headline Reads……………😝………….

            Krissy Schuh. Disbarred Lawyer/ Faiked Business…. Indicated on Fraud n Money Laundering…. Now Homeless……. The Bytch burned all her Bridges. And no one will help her. Because pretty much everyone she knew… She screwed over.

            💘 💘 Todd.

          2. Jeff Garavanian

            I agree.

        2. Justin Sanderson

          I wish there was a way to post pics. Because I’d post the text she sent me. Saying that not giving back someones investment is not a crime. They can sue. But I”ll say. I’m broke to the just. And they’d get a Judgement and I get to keep their money…..

          1. Samile Rolsterd

            Krusty Krissy Kunt is what Miss Todd calls her.

            And Miss Todd cracks me up.

          2. Colm O'Brien

            I totally agree.

          3. Urwin Cole Le France

            If there were. People would be posting pix of all kinds of stuff about Krissy and Barseen App.

          4. Larry Krammer


            Todd.. That Bytch needs to Burn… Send her smelly Kunt outta town

            Burn….Bytch….. Burn……


      3. Keneth Barton

        I read on her Facebook page 2 weeks ago. She posted asking people if they having the same issue with IDME for Unemployment. She says that the IDME can’t Idenity her…….and her Unemployment been frozen.

        A guy replied to her and said. Krissy you changed your name least 4 times since 2016. That most likely it. If your Drivers License says one name liike Kristin and your Unemployment says Krissy you going to pop up as a Red Flag.

        When I met her in 2008 she was Kristin. Then years later she said to call her Krissy. Then later it was just Kris. That’s the reason. She has different first names.

        So Krissy. If you didn’t keep changing your name you wouldn’t be in this Unemployment mess.

        They most likely have you Classified under Suspicion of Fraud.

      4. Ashton Arnolds

        Todd you are so right.

    3. Gary Tangway

      Ken. You said it right. You took the words out of my mouth. I would have posted the same.

    4. Todd Park


      1. Byrone Dietrich





        1. Olof Mc Dowell

          You hit the nail on the spot. Krissy Schuhs App Business. Wasn’t a real to do Business. She ran the Business out of a mail box. And she didn’t even have an office. Google the Address…. Vestigate App. It wilk be at a PO Box. Krissy never had any thing tangible. Just her Smart Phone. Her Tablet. And stationery. No direct line to a Vestigate number or a Barseen number. She just had that. Stationery. Tablet and Cell…… Her Accountant Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping didn’t even know she was pulling in Investment money. When They were shown proof that Krissy was taking in tons of money. They sent a letter to Vestigate…. Barseen saying they will no longer work with them doing their taxes. Krissy Schuh was furious. They knew that their Accountant would have to by Law report them to the IRS. A real Business would be disclosing all Accounting information. Everything. So if Krissy had a real Business. She would be oporating it Legally. Paying the right amount of Taxes. Paying the people that worked for them or all the Programmer’s they hired. Krissy would be paying people properly. And not cheating them. In which is what she did. And the Investors. She would be paying them all back. But No. She stole their money. And used it to pay her past bills. Buy a car. Pay back rent. So that she wouldn’t be evicted…….. So yes….. Vestigate/Barseen was not a real business. It in fact was a Ponzi Scheme.

          In 2020. Her Business went Belly Up. The Court made her close and stop all operations. Her Bank Accounts Siezed and her 2nd Attorney Michael Gulden Disbarred. He was involved in their Ponzi Scheme. And he also lied to the Court. The Judge took away his License to Practice Law. They been Indicated on Charges of Fraud and Money Laundering.

          So yes Krissy Schuh did not at all have a Business. She had a Ponzi Scheme.

        2. Ken Barbee

          To the

        3. Todd Park 💋 💋

          Krissy Schuh is.
          Gurl this is the best way to tell it as it is. She is nothing but full of shyt. And she knows it.

        4. Noal Wilmont


          Every thing Krissy has said about herself to others since she was Disbarred in 2014. It’all been a lie.


          1. Preston Gates

            She is a piece of Shiiiiiiiiiiit.

        5. Sleve Watson

          So well…..Has this Woman paid any one back ever. For anything. Has she ever.

        6. Ivan Conteras

          I hate Krissy.

          1. Omar Livingston

            Ivan……. You are not the only one. Many people do. She’s hated by a lot of people.

            I know that I don’t like her.

            Google her. There’s so many sites out there talking about her and Fraud

        7. Andy Angel

          🌴 🌴
          🌴 🌴

    5. Felix Tyson Meyers

      I know her. I no longer talk to her. In 2016 she asked if I knew anyone that had deep pockets. Meaning people that have money. That was months before I found out things about her. Let’s say. Luckily I found things out about her before it was to late. Because I could have introduced her to people with deep pockets. And if I had and they invested in her Business. She would have just stolen their money. I am so thankful to this guy Ngoli Nyirenda. Who today works in City Hall in West Hollywood. He told me about Krissy Schuh and showed me proof of her doings. Stealing money.

      So I no longer talk to her. And I’m glad that Ngoli fellow warned me about her.

      1. Paul Lanter

        Good thing you found out before it became to late. And I hope they go to jail

      2. Todd Park 💋 💋

        Hey Gurl. It’s Tood Park from West Hollywood. Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Good for you friend. And Yes. Yes. Yes. And way Good that connected with Ngoli.

        Krissy Schuh hates Ngoli. She has bad mouthed him on Facebook and Tic Tok and other Social Media. Reason being. He’s not afraid of her and her tbreats. And he exposed her in 2016 to people. Telling them her App Business is just a plain n simple……. Ponzi Scheme.. It’s nothing more than than.

        And in 2020. Courst8 forced her to shut down and Froze her Assets. She’s on SSDI… Lol. That’s right. SSDI.

        Krissy is on Social Security Disability Income.

        Does that sound like a real Business Woman at all…. And she used to be an Attorney and in 2014 Disbarred. She stole 20k from a Client and got Caught.

        And today she is on SSDI….. Lol

        1. Colm O'Brien

          She’s on SSDI….. Lol….. And she used to be a Lawyer and now she’on SSDI.


        2. Craig Geddes

          Well what do you think. She has no other way to get money.

          Would you hire her…… I know I won’t and i’m sure many others won’t either.

          She can’t practice Law…… Her App Barseen is no longer working. She’s out of Business……… And no more Investors she can steal from.

          She’s phucking broke.

          Krissy is Desperate. So ya…. I can see her being on SSDI. I totally can see her on it.

    6. Todd Park

      When people think if Krissy Schuh they think 💵 💵💲 💰 💲 💲 💰 💲 💰 💲 💰 💲💵 💵
      Money. Money. Money

      That this 👩 Woman stole.

      💵 She stole from over 50 investors 💵

      1. Byrone Dietrich

        I saw on WehoVille.

      2. Jae Allington

        Todd……. They are Greedy……. And they don’t care who they phuk over.

    7. Kenny Sanders

      Krissy is one of the worst people. And I wouldn’t trust her if my life depended on it.

    8. Chad Green

      I don’t think she earned ever an honest Dollar.

      Comment below what you think.

    9. Lonny Jones

      My friend Shawn showed me stuff about her and those people. And he said I should post something. I am

      People like her and those kind of people get caught. And look. Her where her life of thievery got her.

      People found out. And loom where she’s headed. Jail.

    10. Erik Chantilly

      Last I saw her I seen Krissy Schuh at Merix Tex Mex. She talked to me for a quick sec. That was 4yrs ago. That was before I started hearing all the talk people got the saying about her and her Bullshit Business.

      I don’t know if she knows I know. But I know. And she lied to me about herself. Where she worked before she started her Business. She told me her name was Chrissy. And it’s nit. It’ Kristin with a K.

      But it’s ok. It just says a lot about a person that lies where they went to School. Worked at and all. She said she went to Cal State for Business. Bullshit. It was all Bullshit she told me back then.

      The crazy part. She was so convincing too.

    11. Alonzo Cadina

      One of my friends was almost duped by her 4 yrs ago. He almost put money in her App. Then he learned she was a shyster. I won’t give his name out. But he says. Krissy Schuh was bullshit. She was counting on it.

    12. Damian Ducette

      I hope they get a very long Prison Sentence. They don’t deserve any thing less than that.

    13. Phelp Einnings

      I didn’t know she owned the Barseen App.

    14. No Name

      Does any one know how she stole money from Clients She represented when she used to be an Attorney. One of my Coworkers in the Law Iffice we work in.asked how is that possible.

      1. Dan Gilmore

        They took the Clients money. The Client had to post a Bond. And it was a lot of money too. As much as a BMW.

        She was caught. And was Disbarred.

        Krissy is a Con Woman. And can not be trusted.

        And she stole the money all her investors gave her.

        Her Business was just a Ponzi Scheme. And the Court shut her down and froze her Bank Accounts.

        She’s been Indicated by the Grand Jury.

    15. Elijah Bligth

      Yo Yo.. Hey Ken.

      You told it strait. Krissy stole 💰 💰 and it was a lot.

      He Accountant BeFree Accounting n Bookkeeping dropped them in 2017 when they were informed about Barseen App taking in Investment money. Their Accountant had no idea. And reported them for Tax evasion to the IRS. By Law they had too.

      Krissy Schuh n Sally Kushner are both very Dishonest people. So Isn’t their Lawyer Michael J Gulden. He was Disbarred by the Court in 2019. And in 2020 The Barseen App was shut down by the Court.

      And yes. They have Been Indicated.

    16. Luke Weltch

      You know where you can always find her at the Bar.

      She sits at the far back.

      So she can have a fast getaway. If someone walks in that she doesn’t want finding her.

    17. Taj Rossi

      She was a Lawyer since when. She told me she worked in Media.

      1. Greg Plummer

        She lied to you. I read she was Disbarred in 2014.

    18. Corey Adams

      I don’t think she’s ever been a good and honest person ever.

      No one once wrote something decent about her.

      And totally says something. Not one. It’s all been been very bad. She seems as tho a very bad person.

      1. Greg Plummer

        From everything I read about her and Barseen App. She’s been this way for years. She’s a terrible awful person. To steal money. Screwing over people in the Gay Community.

    19. Curt Young

      I was with a few frienda. One of them was a guy Krissy Swindled 10k from.

      I remember when he told me 3yrs ago. Abd he showed me a pic of her. And I said that’s the Fag Hag From GymBar. He said no she’s a Dyke. And he showed me a few other pix. And I said ya. She do loom like a Dyke.

    20. Grant Ovremhall

      This Mofu Krissy Schuh…..AKA Kristin Marie Schuh…… AKA Kris Schuh……AKA Krissy Schultz. Krissy has changed her her name 6 times since 2016……. Who does that… Exept someone that has done something she’s running away from.

      Just like her stupid Fraudulent Business first called Vestigate App then after 2 years she renamed it to Barseen. Because she was being sued.

      She is still today being sued. Investment Fraud n Money Laundering.

    21. Victor Polesterolle

      Wasnt that Gay Bar App first called The Vestigate App.

    22. Greg Plummer

      I agree

    23. Jerry Plummer

      That Woman Krissy……… She used to be an Attorney that went bad… She got caught and in 2014 Disbarred for doing sleazy things.

      Then she started the App Business lied and manipulated people to trust her and hand over their money….. And her only intention was to steal from them.

      Over a year ago. The Courts shut her Business down and Froze all of her Bank Accounts. She’s been Indicted by the Grand Jury.

      And she’s going to go to Prison.

      So when she told people they can trust her and their Investment is safe…… Then why are all 50 of her Investors Suing her. And the DA is going after her for Fraud and Money Laundering.

    24. Henry Cooper

      I heard tbey been Indicated by tge Grabd jury.

      Has any one heard that too.

    25. Ngoli Nyirenda

      Guys. Guys. Guys.

      You can not trust Krissy Schuh or Sally Kursher.

      And their Business been closed down by the Court. And their Bank Accounts Frozen.

      They have been Indicated by the Grand Jury.

      Write me. And I’ll respond. I’ll answer any questions. And can show you more that I have on Krissy and her Barseen App.

      [email protected]

    26. Maggie Gallegos

      Krissy is a friend of mine. And she’s right. All you Gays do is talk shyt about her. You Gays have nothing better to do with your lives except Krissy this and Krissy that. She’s right. All you Queers want to do is Drink and Do Dugs and look for the Next Dick to get. You Phaggots have no life. But talk shyt about Krissy and her App.

      Krissy says she wants to pay every one back she owes money too. But no one will take a payment plan. And I believe her that she wants to do the right thing. I met her many years back. And I have gone on trips with her. To Fort Lauderdale and other places. I still have my Vestigate Hat.

      You Gays seriously need more of a life than to just talk shyt about her. So you phaggots need to grow the phuck up and move on to other people to talk about and leave my good friend Krissy alone.

      1. Daniel Walsh

        Maggie. Let me guess…….. You got the hots for Krissy. What she let you lick her out. And you liked it. Because you’re the only one that has defended her. And yes. Krissy calls Gays [email protected]’s and other derogatory names. So you have that right.

        The real question is………. If you trust her so much And liked licking her out so much to write what you write………….. Then….. Why you not saying you Invested money. I would think you would be one if the 1st in line to hand over 10k. Or more……

    27. Tad Thomas Martin

      The Bartender of Trunks in West Hollywood told me. That he herd one of the Investors that Krissy and Sally owe money too. 30k. Wouldn’t pay him back. And he went back n fourth with them. And Krissy text him all kinds of crazy shyt to scare him…… That Guy the Investor went to the Police Station and filed a report with them.

      It turned the situation into a Criminal Case because that Krissy Woman threatened him.

      His Lawyer used it in Court. Her Lawyer tried to have it dismissed because it didn’t have anything to do with Krissy stealing the guys 30k. The Judge ruled. Krissy and Sally lost. And had to pay the 30k and more back to the Investor.

      I read Blogs and Comments on here and on other pages. That the Lawyer they had was Disbarred in 2019. He lied to the Court and Falsified Paperwork. His name is Michael J Gulden. He was defending them again. Another Investor sued.

      And their Business has been shut down in 2020.

      So if thise two broads were running a scam. And That’s exactly what it is. They wouldn’t be sued left and right. And they’d still have their Barseen App Business. But their Business is a scam. A Ponzi Scheme. And it seens. They are in deep trouble.

  2. Dan Gilmore

    My roommate knows this chick. And he says she’s an alcoholic. Always trashed at tge Bars. She goes to GymBar and Trunks in West Hollywood. And seen durring Happy Hour. And he says when she drinks she gets very loud and obnoxious. And for someone did a startup Business b4 it went by by…. He said it wasnt professional of her to get trashed and causing scenes. But now she no longer has her Business. So my guess shes drinking every afternoon. Drinking he troubles away. I said to my roommate Tim. If she gets thrown in jail. She won’t be allowed to drink. He laughed. And said ya he knows…. 😂 lol.

    1. Lenny Libden

      Yeah……….. No Happy Hour in Prison

      1. Todd Park

        That’s right. No Happy Hour in Prison. I feel bad for her pet Piggy. Her pot belly pig. That’s right. She has a pot belly pig….. You know. They right. Owners of pets find pets that match their personality. Piggy is the perfect matched per for Krissy. Oink Oink Oink.

        1. Shay Philbrooks

          She has a pet pig??? I bet it looks just line her. A Hog.

          1. Tommy knox

            Oink Oink.. Yes she has a Pig. And it fits her well. They say pet owners match themselves with the pets they own. Oink oink oink oink. Oink oink oink oink. Oink oink oink oink.

      2. Paul Lanter


        1. Del Harrington

          Lol. 😂 😂 😂 lol 😂 😂 😂 lol. 😂 😂 😂

          Does She still have her Penis right.. Or did they chop it off when she had her Sex Change.

        2. Kai Lemont

          ……….That’s so true……..Lol

          The last time I saw her she was at the register at the $.99 Cent store…….Lol

      3. Emmet Goldberg

        No Lenny there is not.

        Krissy will be going through withdrawls.

      4. Mel Decantos

        🍺 🍺 Lol… I wouldn’t be surprised that Krissy is also involved in EDD Fraud. She has in the last 8 years changed her name 6 times.

    2. Tad Thomas Martin

      That Woman her Partner and the others including what was their Attorney until that guy was Disbarred. They all are facing serious fraud charges. It’s all over the Net. Many many Blogs online. They been on the News. Wehoville and some other online publications. People posted comments saying they hope to see them Prisoned for the Crimes they committed.

    3. Curtis Jenkins

      Yeah. Krissy has a drinking problem. And when she goes off to Prison. She will be sober while behind bats.

    4. Bobby Fltetcher

      I remember her. And all the bull shyt that goes on with her. I remember her going on and on about her Business. Everyone on it. Her stupid Bar App. No one was on it. No one used it. It was pure BS.

      I don’t like that she shoves her App down everyone’s throat. Dude. People don’t want it. They don’t want that stupid App.

  3. Ngoli Nyirenda

    I heard that Krissy Schuh posted on Facebook that her 1400.00 Dollar Stimulus was snached out of her Account by a Collection Agency. In her posting….. She rant and rant how could they do this to her. Take her Stimulus Money… It’s Unconstitutional.

    Lady…. But it’s ok for you to have stolen all your Investors money… And to you that’s ok….. You did it. You stole their money.

    But you’re all pissed off because a Collection Agency take money out of your Account….. How do you think all 50 or more of those Investors feel after you stole their money.

    Karmas a Bytch Krissy…… Im glad the Collection Agency took your money…. And I hope they take more.

    1. Lenny Libden

      Good. She doesnt deserve any Stimulus money. It should all go to the people she owes money too.

      1. Shay Philbrooks

        No she doesn’t all Stimulus should be taken from her. And given to people that she stole money from.

    2. Dean Fitzgerald

      Nogooli I think exactly the same.

      But I will add this. Krissy Schuh and her GF Sally Kushner. I think I spelled their last names right. They are over. No one will do Business with them. Knowing the kind of people they are. I wouldn’t be surprised hearing one day that they are behind bars.

    3. Glen Fortier

      Watch her wiggle. See her giggle. Toss down those drinks. She is a thief……… Don’t get suckered. Don’t get fooled…….. She will scam you. Especially if you’re a Jew.

      It’s 100% all truthful fact. Krissy Schuh is a scum and will see you a good story. To get you to part with your cash and give it to her.

      Google her name. Kristin Marie Schuh. It’s all there online.

    4. Paul Lanter

      Those Bytches. They are theives.

  4. Francis Sisco-Meyers

    I met this Woman Krissy Schuh at a party for her App in 2017. I only spoke with her a few minutes. She was really drunk.

    I had her App on my phone for a while. I never really used it. So I Uninstalled it after a few months.

    I read all this. And I see what the real story is.

  5. Sammy Fitzgerald

    Wow. I was wondering why the App wasn’t working. Now I know why.

    1. Vern Sampson

      I lused to have the App on my phone. I never used it. So I uninstalled Barseen. The App took up a lot of space on my Iphone. It wasn’t worth even it having it. There are other Apps out there better than Barseen.

    2. Todd Park 💋 💋

      …..💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵 💵…..

      Hey Gurl. Todd Park gere 💋 💋

      Those Dykes are going to Prison when this is all over. Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner. They will be in lockup for a very long time.

      ……………….🎉 🎉Then it’s party 🎉 time 🎉party………………

      👇 👇When their came crashing 👇👇 around them.
      They lost their everything. Their money. Their Business. Their Reputation. Their friends. Everything.

      😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  6. No Name

    I work at GymBar Bar. My name is Lenny. Im a BarBack. I’d this one almost every Sunday. And a few times durring the week. I would see her and hear her. Sh’s very loud when she’s at the Bar.

    She tell people she was working for Television Media and left it to do her dream. To start an App Business. And say it’s great. People so for it. They like it. And give the thumbs up. She never told them the truth when being asked. She never worked in Television. That was all Bull. She used to be an Attorney. And she was Disbarred. Im told because she took a bond posted by one of her Clients and when his Case was over. She kept the money. And it was a lot of money.

    I saw her time here and a time there talking to people and hearing Gio who’s my Manager tell the person that her App is a real good Investment. That they should do it.

    That was 4 years ago I think. Yeah 4 to 5. When you work in a Gay Bar you hear all kinds of stuff. She mostly arrived at Happy Hour.

    I been to her Halloween party. It was at a friends place. Not her own place where she actually live. She says it’s because she has a pet pig and he’d tear the place up if she had people there. That was all bull. She didn’t have it at her place because she didn’t want people to know her address. And end up later in time possibly giving it out. Like to someone looking for her…. Mostly the Sheriff. She’d try to evade them as much as possible. In fear of being Served to Appear in Court. Yeah. Even at the Bar. She would always check the door. And always sat in the back of the bar. So she can run out the back door. And she had her App Cameras in GymBar and a few other Gay Bars in West Hollywood. And she was so paranoid. Always looking over her shoulder. Seeing who’s that coming through the door.

    I do know a few times people have come in asking for her. And I working a shift and yeah the Sheriff too came in asking about her and if any one knew. I’m not making this up. It’s true. It did happen. People came in looking for her.

    She meet people at the Bar and talk to them to invest in her Business. And I know she got people too A lot of people. I know more than 30. I think a much more. I just know over 30. Because at the Halloween party I heard her say she had over 30. And that was in 2017. I think 2017. And that was 3 years before the Court forced her to close down the App and everything. By then she had a ton more Investors and being sued by them.

    Since 2020. He name has come up. People have said stuff. They say they heard things in the paper and on the News. And she’s in big trouble. They asked Giovanni. He doesnt’t say anything. And he denies he knows her. That’s a huge lie. He and his Husband Invited her to Thanksgiving. Gio is just trying to weazle out. I think saying that. So he doesn’t have to face the Judge like the Barseen Owners. Their Lawyers and a few others that helped with her App and part of the Legal mess she, her Business partner others are in.

    That’s about it. All I can remember.

    1. Owen Wentworth

      She should be jailed.

      1. Mike Dorcey

        I Agree 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      2. Chad Buelow

        Owen I am with you on that.

    2. Dal Brenner

      Giovanni is a sleaze. Nothing honest about him. Trust me I know.

      1. Ryan Allen

        That guys been in trouble many times. And his BF Gary runs a theater group in the Valley. Everyone knows that Giovanni is a scum bag.

      2. Larry Silverman

        Gio is part of the Barseen App scam. So isn’t a bunch of others.

        It’s not the 1st time Giovanni Vitulli been involved in a scam. He’s been in a few others.

  7. Quinton Woodmasey

    Does any one know what those Lady’s doing today. Other than doing that App. That was Krissy Schuh last straw. She can’t go back being a Lawyer she was Disbarred. How is she even surviving.

    She shoulf have been much smarter and been honest and not dupe all those people she owed money too. If she learned her lesson from before. After getting caught stealing the Client she had when she was a Lawyer. And after getting into her Business later on and not steal her Investors money. I bet she would still have the Business and not been forced to be closed down by the Court. She should have been smarter.. Honest.. And not been Greedy..And just done the right thing.

    Krissy only screwed herself. She probably still drinking every day. And only Sober facing the Judge.

    1. Owen Wentworth

      How much money did she steal. Because the articles I read said over 40 people. If that’s 10k each. That be 400k she stole. Does any one know. I’m just curious

  8. Nate Dresden

    If they stole my Investment from me. I would sue their Asses. And tell the News and All Social Media. I would make sure they know that tgey stole money from the wrong person. And that’s the Gods true.

  9. Grant Ovremhall

    I worked in a Bar in Chicago. I remember her. All I’m going to say is this. I remember her and tbe party of people she was with. And again I’ll repeat myself. I remember her.

    And after she and her party of friends left. Let’s say. We did not encourage them to stay.

  10. Vincent Young

    OMG. I remember. I was at tge Bar and I heard her talking to a guy about her Business. And she said her Developer said if she sold it today. She could sell it for a million. And the Bartender said to him. The App is revolutionary. And people are going to make money.

    Her App was never worth even 10k. If it had value then why didn’t ever make any money. And they were surving by using the Investor’s money to pay for their personal needs. Like their rent. Makeup. Shoes. On personal shyt. I bet they even used the money to buy a car….. Her App aint worth shyt. And seriously if someone offered her a million bucks. That desperate hoe would take the money. I bet she made that shyt up about her Developer told her… Krissy right now today. You could easily get a million…… If it was true. She would say… Lets go to the bank. I’ll seel it.

    Krissy Schuh full of shyt.

  11. Trip Olson

    If you saw her today. Krissy Schuh has really bloated out. The last time I saw her was a ways back. I ran into her at the 99 cent store.

    1. Todd Park

      It’s from all the Vodkas and Diet RedBull… She think it being Diet she safe from getting fat……….. Wrong Honey. The RedBull Diet or not will Bloat ya.

      Yeah with her not working and doing nothing. She got all the time in the world to drink. Her favorate Hobby Drinking. She would go to Spin Class then be at the Bar by 2pm. Sometimes at 4 but thats unusual. Her drinking hour is from 2 to 4. Then home to feed Piggy…….. Lol no… Not her…. Piggy is her pot belly pig…… Lol

      Woot Woot.

    2. Jerry Plummer

      That Woman Krissy……… She used to be an Attorney that went bad… She got caught and in 2014 Disbarred for doing sleazy things.

      Then she started the App Business lied and manipulated people to trust her and hand over their money….. And her only intention was to steal from them.

      Over a year ago. The Courts shut her Business down and Froze all of her Bank Accounts. She’s been Indicted by the Grand Jury.

      And she’s going to go to Prison.

      So when she told people they can trust her and their Investment is safe…… Then why are all 50 of her Investors Suing her. And the DA is going after her for Fraud and Money Laundering.

  12. Jacob Lansing

    GymBar has a new location and name.

    So hopefully the new location where GymBar SportsBar and Grill. Hopefully you will have a back. So when people go in the Bar looking for Krissy Schuh. She will have an exit to run out of…….. Lol

    Cuz renember at GymBar she always sat at the end of the Bar weekdays. Always keeping a watch on who comes in.

    Mostly evading the Sheriff. If tbey can’t find her. They can’t hand her the Summons…….. Lol

    1. Nathan Godfrey

      The Bytch wanted a fast exit when tbey coming for her…. Lol.. Run Run Run and don’t stop till your far away out of town. We don’t want you here.

  13. Sarah Daniels

    I’m sure she will get hers one day. People like this always get’s caught. And put behind bars.

  14. Vern Sampson

    I lused to have the App on my phone. I never used it. So I uninstalled Barseen. The App took up a lot of space on my Iphone. It wasn’t worth even it having it. There are other Apps out there better than Barseen.

  15. Rachelle Williamson

    I read saying that they are going to Prison

  16. Ngoli Nyirena

    I saw a guy I know. He told me the he talks to Krissy Schuh frequently. He says last conversation he had with her. She was pissed off. Angry. And spewing her venom. I asked him next time he talks with her to record it. I would love to hear her go off. He said he will try.

    He also said he hadn’t know her profession before doing the App. That she was an Attorney. He said 3 years ago when they met and talked. She said nothing of the sorts even going to Law School. She told him she went to Cal State studied Business and ended up working for NBC. He said he was impressed by what she told him. Not to many Woman make it that far as she did. He learned later on it was all a lie. So now he’s interested what else today will she lie about. He says he’s curtious how far will she go to keep the stories going……. He even knows she’s changed her name least 6 times in 4 years. She’s running out of K’s. He and Krissy are also Facebook friends instagram and facetime. As I said he wants to see how long she will go talking about her life long dream to start a Business and tetire from the Entertainment Industry. He said. She sounded so convincing. But he knows everything was just a lie.

    He knows Krissy stole all that money from her Investors. He knows everything. I asked how he find out everything. Did you see the Blogs. He said no…. It was one of the guys that worked in a Bar that she had her Cams in.

    Then 3 years later him and I meet. And I showed him even more of her and her past.

    1. Eddy Samms

      Krissy is One real Fukked up person. She plays the Victim well. But God 4bid u owe her money. Her Lesbo/Dyke claws comes out…. She wants the money……… But if the Kunt owes you…… U won’t see a Dollar…

      So Britton.. The best Defense when it comes to dealing with Krissy…….. Is knowledge……. Once people found out what she was doing. Stealing Investment money

  17. Owen Wentworth

    I don’t get. That she did all this. And she’s still went into Gay Bars line she’s done nothing wrong. I read a few years ago on Thanksgiving she was in a Bar and got into an argument with a guy there. And it was filmed and posted on YouTube. I didn’t see it. But I read she called him a fukn faghot and other names. The argument was about her stealing money from one of his friends. She stormed out the Bar slamming the door.

    How can she even walk into a Bar or any place and not think. Geez someone there may know what I did. You know what I mean. If I stole from 40 or more people. I’d be walking in fear. Worried that sone one would point and say look. Or punch me in tbe face. You know what I mean.

    She is a real piece of shyt.

  18. Todd Park

    Well. Jen Shah of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City been atrested for Investment Fraud and Money Laundering. And could face 50 years in Prison.

    When will Krissy and all her posse’s be arrested for Fraud and Money Laundering. Krissy did exactly the same thing that Jen Shah did. When is the Law going to arrest the Barseen App bunch.

  19. Chris Holmes

    I do not like Kris. Theres nothing to like. And ever trusting her. Look years ago she was Disbarred.The Woman can no longer practice Law. So you think after that people trusting her. Sorry No F Way.

  20. Vinny Tanguay

    I hate this Woman. There’s nothing good about her. She knows Trent. He told me she text him about another person and she referenced that guy to Trent. She Calling Trent’s friend a lying F÷cken F%ggot. And all kinds of other things. This Krissy Woman nasty. A liar and she stole tons on 💰 money 💰 and she calls Trents friend a lying F%ggot.

  21. Percy Brown

    Yes Krissy is pretty shady. She’s a real class act if you ask me. And what I find funny too is. The times I’d see her at the Bar. She’d act like she hasn’t done anything wrong. And She tries her best to act she has a real honest to God Business. It’ hysterical if you ever had the pleasure of hearing her talk and tell people about her Barseen App. She doesn’t have a real Business. Her App didn’t make any money. The money she got was all from the Investigators. Her App Business did not make money. In 2017 she paid taxes on 58k….. In 2016 she pulled in more than 100k from Investors. One guy who sued her Mark Millers he alone put in 100k. I read his Lawsuit on the Unicourt web site. Their Accountant called Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping. Said in a posting they are only awear of 58k in 2016. Not 100k and more…. Their Accountant found out Krissy and her partner Sally were pulling in Investment money and did not even tell their Accountant. Be Free Accounting dropped them Barseen App as a customer. They found out About those 2 Woman were commiting Fraud…. I read their Accountant signed a statement too and that was given to the Court in 2017. And Reported Barseen App.. Cityseen LLC to tge Federal Trades Commission and to the IRS. So yeah. Krissy Schuh didn’t have a Business she had a Ponzi Scheme. Krissy Schuh is judt a Fraud. Fake. Pretending to have been a Business Woman when in fact she was a Lawyer tgat was Disbarred and needed a way to make a fast buck….. And if her Business was legit.. Real.. And not some bull shyt money making Ponzi Scheme.

    Krissy Schuh would still be in Business and not have been shut down by the Court and the legal System.

  22. Kevin Miller

    I got nothing good to say about her. Nothing at all.

    1. No Name

      Kevin I looked her up online. I know her Lawyer the Gay one. I didn’t know he was Disbarred.

  23. Rodney Willis Shay

    This Hoe needs to Go.

    Throw her Broke Assssss in Jail. And don’t Collect the 200. Toss her Hoe assssss away. Lock her up. Lose the damn key.

    Let her broke asssssss rot there.


  24. Ngoli N WeHo

    Friday she was in the WehoVille. They wrote about her and Barseen App.

  25. Colby Tucker

    If she did that to me. Id be digging a hole. And throwing her dead body in it.

    1. Byrone Dietrich

      l’ll hand you the shovel.

      1. Michael Lennux

        Here’s my Comment.


        Krissy Schuh needs to be put away.

        1. Michael Lennux

          Not lick her up……. Lock her up Judge. Lol


          Lol….. Lick lick lick.

          1. Drew Shepherd






        2. Edward A Brown


  26. Jon Maloney

    Me and my BF was at the Bar Trunks Happy Hour.. A Gay Bar in West Hollywood. And I remember her. And she sat at the back of the Bar. I never talked to her but I did hear her say. That in the start of her doing the App Business. She was late on every thing. Including Her Rent. She was in the midst of getting evicted and losing her place. She told the people she was with that an Investor came at the right time. Gave her his Investment. She used to the money to get her rent up to date. And she bought a new car. The one she had was repossessed. She said he was an Angel of Mercy. And she talked about her future plans for the App. And she said her Developer said if she sold the App today. She could easily get a million. Later or so she and the two people she was with all left she was stumbling out the Door. She was quite intoxicated.

    We stated talking to the Bartender and another guy. And my Bf asked what that was all about. He said that’s Krissy. She started an App Business. And the other guy said. And he went on about her. The other guy said. I could hear her from where I was sitting. She used the money to buy a car and pay her bills. Thats embezzlement. She embezzlemed the money. The Bartender also said he heard she used to be Attorney and years ago she was Disbarred. I asked what she do. He said she stole money from her Clients. My Bf said and now she has a Business. The Bartender said yeah. Imagine that. The guy said. If she keeps that up taking money and embezzling it. She won’t have her Business long. And he said he heard her say if she sold it today she could get a million. The Bartender said she tells that same thing to everyone. She’s like a broken record. Always the same story. It was her life long dream to start an App Business. Blah blah blah. Everyone thinks my App is great. Blah blah blah.
    ……………… ……………….. ………………… ………………..
    If she could get a million bucks for the App. And needed money badly. She would have sold it. If there was a sucker then willing to buy it. That’s Bull Shyt. Her App wasnt even worth 10k my bet. And look today. She out of Business. And been sued for Investment Fraud. And I see that lots of people she scewed over.

    This Krissy Woman. Not a Business Woman at all. She’s a dishonest Woman looking for a fast was to get as much money as she could from anyone willing to part with it giving it to her.

    I read one guy 35yo to 40yo Mickey committed Suicide in 2017. because she screwed him over and he ran out of money. And I read a text that was posted online with her saying. It’s not against the Law to take someones money and not pay it back. Sue me. But I know the Law and tricks to play. They will just get a Judgment and I still kerp the money.

    She was never a Business Woman she’s a crook. And if she wasn’t a crook. She would still have her App Business and been successful. But no. She stole all the money from the Investors she had. And now she’s lost everything. Her Business and money. Everything. The Court took it all. And she’s left with nothing.

    This is what happends to people like her. Croojs eventually get caught. And lose everything in the end.

    I think the question now being. How much Prison time will she get. Because she’s headed that way. My BF a Paralegal. He said she will likely face serious Prison time.

    1. Dana Clapton

      Krissy has a huge cock. And her Lawyer Michael Gulden who now is Disbarred been sucking on it since they both went to Southwest Law School.

  27. Derek Willis

    I don’t give a rats ass what this Maggie Galkegos say about Krissy. Krissy did steal money. She’s a thief. And belongs behind bars.
    This Maggie posted she’s great friends with Krissy and gone to Fort Lauderdale. Well Maggie if she is so great. Marry Krissy. And see if she steals from you. I bet she will. Cuz I heard she was Married to a guy once. A guy in San Fran and Married him cuz she kater Divorced him and took him for a shyt load of money….
    And I even read on a Court site that a Company called PMGI is suing her. She took money from them.
    So this Krissy is a no good piece of Shyt. And needs to be locked away.

  28. Xander Rodriguez

    When we say Barseen App Fraud.

    We say….. Krissy Schuh

    When we say. Inves3 Fraud

    We say Krissy Schuh.

    1. Matty Fontagne

      Krissy Fraud… Krissy Fraud… Krissy Fraud

      1. Victor Polesterolle

        🎭🎭 Hey Matty… Don’t you know Gary Thomas. The Gary the one with Gio.
        Gio is part of the Barseen App stuff.
        Did you know that.

  29. 👅Todd Park 👅

    🌴 Hey I read on Ngoli Nyirenda FB Page asking if anyone seen Krissy Schuh around. He offered 100.00 for any info. 🌴

    1. Kip Welling

      Last time I saw her was way before Covid and before things went into lick down. I’ll ask around. If I find out I will return to this page and post on here what I find out.

      1. Kip Welling

        No not …Lick down…. Lock Down….. Lol

        1. Damon Phillips

          Kip. I hate the Bytch. Krissy is very manipulating and a pathelogical liar. Only a complete moron would ever trust her

    2. Manny Riveros

      Todd. I saw her at Goodwill a year ago fall. But not since.

  30. Ngoli N WeHo

    A few years ago I did a Gofundme for one of the guys Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner took money from. I raised for him 25k. His Investment was 15k.

    He was so happy… So Thankful.

    1. Olof Mc Dowell

      Ngoli. I met Krissy 10 years ago. She and this Michael guy had a Law Firm on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

      Boy has she down slide in life. She lost her License to practice Law and I see she lost her Business due to Fraud.

      What happended to her. She really down slid.

      1. Erk Chelstly

        Olof I bet you wished you never met her. I know I do. She lied to me so many times. She’s a pathelogical liar. And a Drunk. The only thing thats true about her is that she’s an Alcoholic. I not once seen her with out a dink. Vodka and Red Bull.

        1. Bradley Hyatt

          That bitch is always with a fucking drink. She’s a drunk

  31. Bradley Hyatt

    I don’t like her. I do not like Krissy at all.

  32. Gabbey Hykes

    Krissy Schuh is now a Broke Bitch

    1. Greg Plummer

      Good. She should be along with the others who tun it with her. All should be punished severally by the Courts

    2. Trent Mear

      If she didn’t steal money. She probably still have that Business.

  33. Todd Park 💋 💋


    Krisdy Schuh is nothing more than a Criminal. Do you guys know how much in total money she and Sally Kushner stole. Heres an idea. Mark Miller Invested 100k. And sued and Won…. And they had over Fifty Investors. Giving between 10k to 100k each. And both Krissy n Sally stole every Cent.


    And both Krissy and Sally are pissed at all the people that have posted comments on him……… Well sorry you two liwlife Dyjes… The Truth Hurts..

    And you can 💋 💋 my Jewish asssss Gio. Cuz You can’t stop me from posting what’s true. You POS.

    Lock them Bitches up.


  34. Dayrrel Jankins

    Over 80 angry people. Filed Lawsuits.

    1. Greg Plummer

      I read that this morning. Those Lady’s are awful. What they did. Especially it being a Gay App and stealing the money from Gay Investors.

  35. Ted Le France


    Lady your a F’n joke and that App Biz of yours too is the same.

    Lady you never 1’s @ all had a real Biz. It wasn’t. You never made money with it. Not a f’kn dime. In 5yrs you paid 58k in Taxes. 58 Thousand….. One investor alone gave you way over 50k. And that’s one out of 60 Investors you had. The money…… You had to pay your bills and all your F’kn Shiiiit. Was Investment money. You paid you rent. Paid you credit card bills. Bought clothes. You even bought a new SUV with money from just 1 Investor gave you. You used Investment money to pay your Landlord back rent on your Apartment. You were about to be Evicted. And an Investor gave you money for the App Business. But No. 40% of it went to pay bills and 40% to hide in a bank account and 20 if it was 20% went to the Business.

    No Lady. You had a F’kn Ponzi Scheme. It was a Ponzi Scheme. Not a Biz.

    Hey your Defense Attorney what was his name. The one you went to Law School with…. Gosh what’s his name. You know the Gay one with a Laugh like a Hyena. The one you had a Law Office with on SunSet. Geee his name his name…. What is it…. The one that paid guys for sex. Oh yeah… Michael J Gulden. He was your Defense Attirney in several of Laws8 Filed against you and your Biz partner. That other Lesbian. The Butch one. God Damn she’s ugly. Not that your one Krissy to take home to meet Momma. Cuz on your Bloated Looks and Thunder Thighs. Good thing your a Lesbo. Any ways back to the Gay Defense Attorney….. Wasn’t he Disbarred Defending you. He lied to the Judge abd to the Court on Facts. And on if you had money and where it was. He showed Falsified Paperwork and Bank Statements on Accounts that had a Low to Zero Balance. He lied to the Judge and to the Court trying to show that you and your partner Dykerella were broke. When in fact you had money…… Hidden away….. The Judge Suspended his License and in 2019 he was Disbarred.

    Lady you are in a pickle now. Your Biz sunk. The Court shut ut down. And Seized all your Bank Accounts.

    The Judge had enough proof that you and that. Ugly Woman Sally Kushner who is over 10 years older than you. I still don’t see how you and her dated years on back. But Love is Blind….. BRB….. I gotta Barf….. The idea of her and you….. Talk about two Butch Dykes…. Lady hit the dirt road on your Bike. Ride as far and as fast as you can. Cuz when all this is done. Your Lesbo asssses will be behind bars. No Passing Go…. Jail for both you Hoe’s.

    And member you both are Republican too and Vited for Trump….. He’s right on this…… America will be great again……. Cuz you two be in Lock up for long long tine. Ba Bye…. God gave us light. Karma gave us a long lick down for you and Dykerella.

    I can’t wait for the Book Release. And Visiting Days…. I’ll buy an extra. Get it signed and give it to you as a gift.


    1. Franco Marks

      Ted. There will be a Movie…..called……….. Two Fraudulent Drunken App Ladies.

    2. Jeff Garavanian

      I agree

  36. Mathew Wilern

    ……….Lol. Next she will be going by the name Cristopher. Lol

  37. Todd Park 💋 💋

    Krissy is a……. Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka…….Kunt

    She’s a Nasty Evil Woman.

    But she will be looking good in Orange.

    1. Rich Cook

      Lol. Ka Ka Ka Ka ka Ka Kunt…. That’ so funny.

  38. Jim Hall

    Hello.. Everyone I just want to honestly tell you. I work for NBC and Krissy Schuh has never worked here. I will sighn under Oath. So when she tells you she had before starting the App. She’s lying to you.

    And yes. She was a Lawyer before starting the App. And yes she was Disbarred…

    And Yes the Lawyer she had was also Disbarred. And yes he lied in Court. So if you ask Krissy and she says. What Im saying is untrue. Ask her to say that Under Oath. On the Bible. Cuz Yes I will….. She won’t.

    Krissy has stolen all that money. She lost her Apo Business due to Fraud. And she’s being prossecuted. And Yes. I will say this Under Oath. To the Judge. Under God. On my Mothers Grave.

    But she won’t.

    1. Parker Adams

      Jim the things people will be asking in the future will be …… Remember that Krissy Lady that had that App… You know….. The Drunken App Lady… The person will say back to him……. Yeah she’s in Prison. Right where she belongs.

  39. Tay Coombs

    I wish I was on the Jury…… Or the Judge.

    Because she’s Guilty as Fukk. For stealing money. And I would help send her assss to Prison.

  40. Greg Plummer

    I had brunch with a few friends and Richard talk about this App stuff. So afterwards I looked up the Barseen App on Google and read all kinds of stuff.

    I never heard of them. Until today. Chad my other frirnd with us said he heard about them.

    I can’t believe that people that had a Gay App would steal money from Gays. Their Investors….

    I really hope the Gay Community tells them how they feel about them. And stop have anything to do with them

    1. Kenny Swift

      And I thought Krissy was a Fag Hag….. And later I get told no she’s a Dyke commiting Fraud. Stealing money from her friends. Fron people she knows. So I said to Jeff Garavian…. That she sound like a real winner that one…. And that I have friends and the ones I have would never steal from anyone…. Jeff said….. Krissy Schuh is a Different kind of Friend. One that will steal from you. And not give a rats assss that she fukced you over…

    2. Irvin Stragette

      I agree with you

  41. Jerry Plummer

    That Woman Krissy……… She used to be an Attorney that went bad… She got caught and in 2014 Disbarred for doing sleazy things.

    Then she started the App Business lied and manipulated people to trust her and hand over their money….. And her only intention was to steal from them.

    Over a year ago. The Courts shut her Business down and Froze all of her Bank Accounts. She’s been Indicted by the Grand Jury.

    And she’s going to go to Prison.

    So when she told people they can trust her and their Investment is safe…… Then why are all 50 of her Investors Suing her. And the DA is going after her for Fraud and Money Laundering.

  42. Wes Sullivan

    Krissy is a piece of shyt. Stealing all that money.

    Throw her assssss away

  43. Shawn Bagley

    I bet he was was.

    And those two kunts. If they had the chance. Probably would try and steal the Gofundme money you raised.

  44. Jasper Hyak

    I remember hearing that Krissy yelled at a Homeless Man that asked for money. She said get a job like the rest of us.

    Krissy had a Ponzi Scheme called the Barseen App. She stole money…… From 2015 to 2018. Then later the Court shut her down. Indicted her for fraud.

    And she yells at a Homeless Man….. Lol. And today that Homeless Man has more money than her. The Court froze all her assets.

  45. Randy Collins

    She and her App sucks. She’s a lying fat cow. And her App is crap. She’s a shady Woman. And her App was nothing. A scam. Just a scam. And that’s all it was a scam.

  46. Nelson Phillips

    I can’t stand this Woman. And Krissy knows I hate her. 3urs ago I called her out on it. I called her a low life Selfish Bytch….. She threatened to call the Police on me. And said look all these guys in the Bar heard you threaten me….. Right guys….. A bunch of them said. I didn’t hear a thing…… I never threatened her. She just likes to act like a Victim. She left in a huff. Because people were giving the stink eye after they heard me calling her a Fraud. And I said look I know you stole money from people in the Gay Community. And she cussed n swore at me. People saw her true colors that Sunday at GymBar.

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