Kris Trevino — Dallas, Texas

So this herp douche owner of Redoux Couture has beat up ANOTHER girlfriend of his, this time his baby momma! His gem of a mom Cyndi has been STEADILY defending him saying Des (his baby mom) staged the whole ordeal with makeup and refuses to Believe any of the MANY girls who have spoken up. Cyndi allegedly has a history of family violence and is apparently continuing the cycle raising such an upstanding Chris Brown wannabe son. Apparently there is audio where he asks his daughter to watch him “kill mommy”. What’s funny is Kris’ d1ck riders such as Katie Rogers (“Sealon” owner aka 8 Belles), Nichola (his “business partner”?) and Phoenix Taylor (his friend and photographer) have yet to post anything, speak out, unfriend, OR AT THE VERY LEAST take down his photos on their social media.


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