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Ilya martynenko he is a big serial cheater. We have been seeing each other for just over a year and I found out I was pregnant with his kid. I he throws a bombshell that he has long-term girlfriend. She ended up finding out and managed to get my number somehow and called me threatened me and I try to talk to her letting her know I didn’t know and we are both played and she should be mad at him; but as usual it’s always the other woman’s fault, even though I had no idea. He’s been telling her that I am psycho and crazy telling her all the worst stuff about me while he said the exact same thing to me about her after he admit to me about him being a long-term relationship telling me how she’s psycho, won’t leave him alone, how she is just inserting her life into his life and he doesn’t love her at all, he doesn’t want her and he was telling me how he wanted me how he loved me yet he’s been telling her the exact same thing about me. that I’m the crazy one he’s trying to make me look like the bad guy and unfortunately her being young and naive she obviously bought it. I think this is should be just a fair warning to what to expect if you get involved in anything romantic with this man.

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