Bruce Buck Mendoza – California

This is a big fat liar chearter that has herpes. My ex-husband gave me this STD when he cheated on me 4yrs ago n got another hood rat pregnant n being the good women i was i forgave him n took him back not knowing that a few months latter i would end up having herpes. After a two yrs i could not live like this any more. With his lies n continues cheating with this s*** by the name of Milly Cote from Eagle Rock AKA rangermilly. The last 2yrs he was sleeping with me and her of course me not knowing anything, he moved in with her on march 2016 n owes my more then 30,000 on child support n his other baby mom 10,000 as well. Bruce pay your child support or have Milly pay for it since she loves you so much. This women is also on this site for cheating on his dumb a** as well with some guy named Steve, i guess Milly Cota likes herpes n Bruce Buck Mendoza is to taste other mens s****. Two cheartees well deserve each other.


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