WILL VERVAIR – Minnesota

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WILL VERVAIR – LYING, CHEATING, SUBMISSIVE BITCH. How does one accurately describe the scum that is Will Vervair, a solid IT guy at Cargill?
Well first, Will is someone that loves to chase after dominant women while still remaining in his vanilla relationships with his first wife, Brenda Christian Vervair, and now his long time “girlfriend”, Tanya Allen.
The story of Will should be told historically, like any good story. I have been lucky enough to find some very willing co-authors for this passage of the tale of Will.First up is Will’s first affair. Isn’t is sweet how in a total of over 10 there is always a first??? Poor Will was stuck with a wife that no longer wanted to fuck him and definitely did NOT want to fuck him in the ass.
Poor Mary was also stuck in a sexless marriage and had a husband that was gone enough for them to go at it in her marital bed. Of course, our hero also had a van like ever good man on Craig’s List for those times when it could work there. He also worked in real estate so his time didn’t need to be accounted for at home. When Mary’s poor husband found their emails Mary cut poor Will off.

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