Timothy Johnson -California

Timothy Johnson is a personal trainer who frequents Orange County and surrounding county gyms preying on women. He drives a
Dodge Sprinter white commercial van or a Black Hummer with the plate that says 4MUSCLE. He also frequents dating sites and keeps his profile private so you can’t see him recruiting other ladies: POF, Blackpeoplemeet, and fitness singles. He is 55 years old and born on 4-5-63. He was born in Aiken County South Carolina though he will lie and say he is originally from Miami. He has sisters not brothers as he says (though he tells people he has a brother in the NSA) and they live in S.C. and no his mother (who is now deceased since 1999) was not a doctor and no he did not live in a big mansion that his sister still manages. He will never let you talk to or meet any of his relatives to confirm anything he says except maybe one adult son who he meets for lunch from time to time for about an hour if he allows you to accompany him for those luncheons once in awhile, he doesn’t let you say much to his son so that you can’t really get to know him and find out he is lying about absolutely everything. T.J. lies about everything he ever tells you and he is very convincing and confident about it so you would never know he is lying. He can lie straight to your face and while looking you in the eyes with no problem. And he will lie even after he is caught blaming everyone else as the liars hoping to further convince you that he is telling the truth so he can keep cheating on you and horribly deceiving you. Oh and ladies when he raises his voice and gets in your face to convince you that is when he is REALLY lying because that is how he convinces people.


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