Think shes cheating – Massachusetts

My wife accidentally sent a explicit text to me one night come to find out she had been “sexting” some guy she claimed she didnt know that he hit her up on Facebook of course i didn’t believe her but forgave her. Then I was curious if she was still up to something so i made a fake facebook page and sent her a friend request she accepted it so waited a day then started messaging her claiming to be a old friend that had always had a big crush on her and now very rich and would like to take her out. Her first response was no she’s married but i was persistent and got a liitle dirty with the chat. Asked for a nude pic and she sent one and asked when they could meet up at hotel?? I was floored i confronted her and we had a huge blow out she claimed she was just talking and wouldn’t do it?? Now two weeks later ive been monitoring her phone via google and fbook. She found out and changed her passwords so i could not track her plus she browses the web incognito so i can see what sites she visits and refused to let me put a tracker on her phone?? I think she is being sneaky and unfaithful. Any feedback on what i should do would be greatly appreciated.


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