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I met this girl after she started popping up on my long term boyfriends social media. we had been together 5+ years without one cheating scandal. he knew i wasn’t happy about her presence so he introduced us hoping i would like her. Yes he’s THAT DUMB. anyway she seemed nice enough. she was super cute and friendly so at that moment I felt better. she knew I was kinda iffy about her so she volunteered the info that “I have nothing to worry about”, to my face. I didn’t know much about her other than her being his “friend”… and a party mom. however every time I wasn’t around she had a way of popping up! usually claiming she “wanted a smoke” or some lame excuse to see him. or showing up at whatever bar he would stop at on the way home. it got to the point where i couldn’t trust him because she wouldn’t go away. he still swears up and down he never touched her bc “she is gross, wears a ton of makeup, has too many kids, ugly haircut, trashy tattoos, and deflated saggy boobs” etc etc. but just the fact that he put me in that position, over at least 6 months, breaks my heart. plus i’m not stupid and he’s a terrible liar. this went on for months, and there are only so many times he can tell me she’s just a friend before i stop believing it. only so many pics she can post (no other guys- just pics of him) before i stop believing the “just friends” line. the final straw was an overnight trip i found out they took. he didn’t tell me but i still found out. and I mean he was actually texting me on their trip while he told me he was at home!!!! I can only imagine how good of company she was ::eye roll:: good thing i have nothing to worry about right!! this was literally days after she told me that TO MY FACE. so she very much actually knew me, knew how many years we had been together, met me and reassured me, yet every time I turned my back there she was! also, she posts pictures that are innocent enough, but she does it hoping the girl sees it and that it’ll start a fight.. no doubt so she can pick up the pieces. every night i stayed home and he went out, she’d show up. this 28 year old woman has 2 small children at home, but she would rather drink at bars, try and screw taken men, and party at EDM concerts… ya know, good mom behavior. It’s not hard to imagine why her children’s father left her!! apparently my boyfriend is not the first taken guy she has gone after. she is a pathological homewrecker!! Ladies beware of this desperate woman. She’s not “one of the guys”.. she’s a whore with an agenda to find a new step-daddy. apparently she recently lost a ton of weight and now her goal is to sleep with as many taken men as possible with her new confidence. be careful! and men, she couldn’t even stay faithful to the father of her children!! if you’re into a drunk party mom with trashy tattoos and an easy lay, Lexi is your gal. however it can’t be that good considering my boyfriend constantly denies ever touching her, has been non stop begging me to forgive him, and apparently that’s what most guys have to say about her!


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