Senator Stephen – New Jersey

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Sweeney is a thug, bully and big time Racist who is sneaky and dirty. He meddles in state job appointments held by African Americans. He has them fired and then reports it to controlled media sites Courier Post and nj advanced media aka nj. ComHe went after Oliver and had her replaced. He had a case tossed against an African American woman he sexually harassed. He has an elected official removed from her DMV job. Both women were African American and he paid off one of them who was head of the NAACP. He had an African American man fired from the DRBA then had it reported on digital mediaSweeney uses police to violate the color of law. Sweeney is a Bigot
Sweeney is a stone cold racist who has judges toss cases that go against him and his cronies. Sweeney should be indicted. He is a criminal and violates massive civil rights laws.

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