Robert Thomas Ketcham – Florida

I found out that he was cheating on me with Tilda Harris of Plant City the week I delivered his baby. Our baby was born on May 14, 2018. He and I were living together in my house until February of 2018. Then he said he had to move to his brother’s house for a few months so that he could have a Plant City address for the courts. He was trying to gain joint custody of his teenage girls. This made sense to me because I am a mother and I would do whatever it takes for my kids. Anyway, this made it so that we didn’t see each other every day.
He was always going out to the bar where his brother worked (Carrabas in Plant City) and he didn’t invite me. It made me sad because I was in my third trimester and alone every Thurs, Fri, and Sat evening. But, he would spend other nights with me. I would pick him up and drop him off at the bar because he didn’t have a car. Now I wish I had gone inside. He was having an affair with the waitress there. I drove him to see her!!! During this time he would act strange towards me. I figured it was because I was so far pregnant (I am a very slim so I had a basketball). Anyway, he lost at court and moved back in with me the week I had our baby. Late one night he got a text when he was asleep. I checked it because he had been hiding his phone. It said “I guess you feel asleep on me baby”. I called the number. This girl said that he had been living at her house and she knew who I was. I woke him and told him to get out.


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