Phil (Philippe Alexander) Cousineau – Florida

Phil Cousineau Lives in Clearwater Florida with his wife (also a liar and a thief) Kris Kay Logue Cousineau and their 4 kids (innocent, born out of wedlock, definitely the first child). Phil was always into pleasing himself more than others – his parents encouraged this…he was brought up like an only child- his next to the closest sibling was his sister Rene who actually was a more mother figure because she was 15 years old when Phil was born…Phils parents dragged him from Canada to Arizona where phil was usually bullied because he lived close to the school and his mom would take him home at lunchtime to eat- his parents made him an outcast. Phils Parents then moved to Florida- St Petersburg, then Indian Rocks. Phil was told he was a great person over and over, but he just never learned to share or care about another living thing. Sandy their dog was afraid of Phil…if someone was in the room other than Phil that is where Sandy went (away from Phil). By the time I met Phil his lying and failures were his parents burdens…they (Phils parents) had the full burden of caring all of Phils lies and failures…with all that Phill tried and NEVERfinished Phils parents also carried the financial burden. By Phils parents covering for ALL of Phils lies and NEVER holding him responsible for his expensive money wasting- they created a worthless monster that only knew how to lie and steal others money for his selfish needs. Phil never loved me…he lied and would tell me he did and I did what I thought was right by trying to keep Phil happy, not fully realizing at the time our relationship was ALL about Phil. The first time I went back home to see my sister graduate from high school Phil originally told me I could not go…I told him that was stupid…I invited him to come with me, first he asked if his parents could come also. I said no, they were not invited and it was totally inappropriate. Phil got very upset and said the only way he would go is if we went by train. In his pea brain he figured this would be difficult to do. To make him happy I made the arrangements- what he did not realize is where we were going was a major train hub…He cried when he found out I had made the arrangements and told me this was the first time he was going somewhere without his parents. he was a total a** the whole time he was away from his parents. While I was with my family he was telling me who I could talk to and would tell me when to stop talking to someone. I introduced him to lots of family and stayed with him, but he just made me so uncomfortable. Got back to Clearwater and he said he had a great time. Things never got better- every time I tried to get him out of my life he would cry and say whatever hurtful thing he did, and there were lots, he promised he would not do it anymore. Time would pass and he would be hurtful again. I put up with so much s***. He had a very mean streak in him, it was difficult for me to have friends…he worked very hard to scare them all away. I was trying to go to school when I met him and he got in the way of that, eventually I had to just stop. So y focus was to help Phil find what he could do for a job. Phil was unable to keep a job, and he could care less. Phil had no idea how to save money…he just knew how to spend. He did not understand what it was to be responsible- if he overspent or he made a mistake at work he expected someone else to take the fall, because Phil “NEVER” did anything wrong. The engagement ring he gave me was bought by his parents (I found this out after we got married). I guess his parents were ready to have someone else cleaning up his messes. Up to this point I did not realize it but I had been suckered in. We got married…EVERYTHING WAS STILL ABOUT PHIL- he kept spending money we did not have, we lived paycheck to paycheck. As much as I kept telling him we needed to save some money he would get angry and call me horrible names and accuse me of cheating on him, which I was not and did not have time to do if i wanted to. He finally found a job he could keep- but as ungrateful as Phil has ever been- he forgot who got him to the point of being able to get the job he did well. Phil wanted to be Gods gift to Real Estate. His efforts to take classes and get to PASSING the Florida State Licensing Exam were ALL paid for by ME and MY FAMILY. IT TOOK PHIL 5 times…after the 4th FAILURE I made sure that son of a b**** studied- I helped him study..when he passed he looked at me and said with all the studying we did I bet you could get your Real Estate License. I did not want a Real Estate license but I was able to get it, without any help from Phil. Once again instead of him selling Real Estate he was out wasting money…Phil NEVER sold a house. I got my license and used cold calls to get a 20% commission on listings I gave to a co-agent who was god at getting listings. Phil got a PAYING job finally at a student loan dept. it was there that he saw an ad for an interview for a training position as a residential appraiser, but the applicants MUST have a REAL ESTATE LICENSE (I wonder where that came from). Phil being the B******* ARTIST that he is was able to b******* his way into the job. He actually started out being a good appraiser, but that was not to last long- Phil CANNOT do anything LEGALLY, HE ALWAYS HAS TO CHEAT SOMEONE OUT OF SOMETHING. he took his parents lives, he had them lie, cheat, hide stolen items, and he OVERWORKED THEM BOTH TO THE DAY THEY DIED. He did not care who he hurt- it has always been about him. Phil once he had his own office it was still about him, but he actually had to prove he was a big man…no matter who he hurt. He started going to strip Clubs spending 300-400 dollars a night on lap dances and whatever else floated his d***. (Diamond Dolls was one of his favorites). He was told this upset his wife, she asked nicely for him to stop. Instead he increased how often he went and how much he spent. PHIL DESTROYED HIS MARRIAGE. As his wife I did not want to have anything to do with him after he was at these strip clubs- he would want sex when he got home- I would go to a different bedroom and tell him to leave me alone- instead he would break into the room I was in and after being told NO HE RAPED ME–this happened several times. He threatened me several times. I was so afraid and confused. Finally Phil was caught screwing one of his employees. He was going to run off with her, I was grateful for the chance to get away. I was halfway through a program to get a license as a Physical Therapy Assistant. The woman he was screwing was just after Phils money…She hated having sex with Phil (another unsatisfied woman) but it is what she and her husband had her do to try to take his money- as soon as she and her husband found out that Phil lied about his divorce SHE DUMPED HIM. Phil was alone…he agreed to a post nup and the divorce was stopped- phil was to go to counseling sessions and abruptly stopped. Phill was spending lots of time on the computer…he was hunting down his next sucker…he met a lot of women, met a few, had sex with most of them, but could not find the right mixture of being stupid, gullible, and having a RICH DADDY. BINGO, WE HAD A WINNER—KRISTIN KAY LOGUE- she fit the bill, and she actually believed the LIES Phil told her about being married, he was the cruel individual- NOT HIS WIFE. KRIS you fell for the liar…he knew he would need your families money, he is a failure at EVERYTHING he has ever done…he’s had the Appraisal license suspended twice for his ILLEGAL activities, I know for a fact he LIED to investigators on the first suspension- he told them he did not know what he did wrong and they believed his b*******, he KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING AND WHEN HE WAS CAUGHT HE TOLD ME HE KNEW HE COULD LIE HIS WAY OUT OF LOSING HIS LICENSE. Our marriage was a lie…Kris logue…you allowed the lie that was the divorce between Phil and I—YOU KNOW PHIL AND I ARE NOT LEGALLY DIVORCED…YOU AND PHIL AND WILLIAM WILHELM FILED FALSIED DIVORCE DOCUMENTS. THE FACT THAT THEY WERE FALSIFIED MAKES THE WHOLE DIVORCE ILLEGAL. THAT YOU BOTH AND WILLIAM WILHELM HAVE KEPT THIS A SECRET MAKES THIS ILLEGAL TO THE FIRST DEGREE. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING YOU STOLE FROM AND HURT AN INNOCENT ABUSED AND RAPED INDIVIDUAL…YOU WILL ROT IN HELL. YOUR CHILDREN ARE BASTARDS—ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN BORN OF A MARRIAGE BASED ON AN ILLEGAL DIVORCE. YOU AND PHIL PLOTTED AND STOLE WHAT DID NOT BELONG TO YOU…YOU ARE PATHETIC PARENTS…YOU BOTH LIVE OFF A DOUBLE STANDARD AND ARE OUTRIGHT LIARS AND THIEVES. I CANNOT SEE YOUR KIDS BEING PROUD OF WHAT YOU BOTH ARE…SEE..YOU DID WHAT PHIL WANTED AND HE FAILED YOU…I AM STILL AROUND TO TELL THE TRUTH…YOU BOTH ARE LIARS ANS THIEVES, I HAVE ALWAYS TOLD THE TRUTH…BOTH OF YOU WILL ROT IN HELL PHIL, you are not allowed to fly, once again a bunch of lies to get what you want no matter who you may hurt…you never took flying seriously. if you did you would NEVER fly…you have epilepsy and your vision is poor- both things you have lied about in your physicals. Both things have been lifelong issues from your mom having GERMAN MEASLES during her pregnancy with you…these two things are not going away and endanger your ability as a pilot. To put someone in a cockpit with you having these issues is inconsiderate and DANGEROUS, but you don’t care who you may hurt- its all about you….that makes you scum. You wear contact lenses because your glasses are too thick and embarrass you. AND you know your contacts do NOT correct your vision. Phil and Kris…go tell some more lies…heres a picture of your business…AVIOD BUBBLES PACK AND SEND BELCHER ROAD—THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS AND THEIVES


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