Mercedes Wagner – Colorado

We met on a dating app and dated for 5 months. She ended up being married and constantly claimed she was pregnant with my child when I would try and leave. Once the break up was official she accused me of Sexual assault while I was at work one night. She is still married to her husband and hides behind any lie she can. On October 26th she f***** my best friend and texted me bragging about it, which he confirmed did happen because she used a date rape drug on him which was confirmed at a local hospital. She then asked me to come over and see her shortly after.She hides behind her stepdad and thinks she knows a lot more than everyone else in the world. She constantly claims she going to kill herself with her kids in the home and has sent me multiple photos of her cutting her wrists with glass. She gave up her kids to her family so she could live her life going to bars on the weekends and hook up with soldiers.


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