Kelly Miller Aka Natalie Knoxx, Edmonton – Canada

Dead beat mom This is Kelly Miller aka Natalie Knoxx. She has 4 kids but is a Disney mom . She is there to buy them stuff when she has a good day selling herself but don’t have time to be an actual parent. She puts her pimps and her drugs over the kids and always has … I have know her for about 15 years in fact I use to bang her when she was with her baby dad. Well there is 3 but I know the last one ( can’t remember his name ) basically raised all of them , because she is too self centered to take care of them . Plus she never showers and her teeth have big globs of plaque on them , that’s why I couldn’t look her In the face when I dealt with her . I just seen her recently and no kids with her , and you can tell she was high out of her mind . What a class act she turned out to be , beware of her she’s a horrible person , goes from man to man and is on meth or coke or both. She’s a complete screw up and i feel the responsibility to let people know the truth


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