Jillian Jones – California

This lady will not disappear and fall off the radar for anything. Jillian has come come back to the cheater exposed world with a different last name now Jones real generic last name but regardless if the name changes or not it’s still the same old person slurpydogpussy K9katchernsac knottyrufftimes Vanna Sweets it’s all the same it doesn’t matter it just depends how you want to get fucked. Do you want your money stolen? Do you want STDs ?Do you want your identity stolen! Do you want to be sexually abused ? Do you want to be betrayed, lied too and manipulated? Or perhaps punked? Or better yet be the Daughers of Miss Jillian Jones and have your mother talk about you on porn videos saying your name and doing daddy daughter roleplay and you’re just a little girl. What are you supposed to think about that? Regardless the name JONES or QUIST you’re going to get FUCKED one way or the other dealing with this woman in one of those categories just depends how you like a hot rod stuck up your ass with the person SMILING RIGHT AT YOU AND THEY KNOW THEY ARE FUCKING YOU HARD!! So she’s back at the same old tricks stealing money stealing cars giving people STDs being a fraudster shaming people and apparently she still messing with dogs and shaming her girls by throwing their names out there on porn videos and the ironic thing about it is she has a job as a drug counselor and she presently does crystal meth and heroin so I don’t know know she pulled this rabbit in the hat trick off but as we all know she’s real good at what she does so that’s that and the world of getting fucked by the SlurpyDogPussy Slut continues for the ones on the wrong side of knowing her. Hope things turn out alright for her victims as reportedly she has exposed numerous people to STDs .


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