Ashley Renee Finley – Alabama

This girl ruined a 4+ year relationship with me cheating damn near the entire last two years of our relationship. She will fuck anyone no matter if she’s in a relationship or not. If you choose to get with her I suggest demanding her get tested and screened quite frequently. She’s unloyal and will fuck any crack fiend that will have wary of her. She’s from the auburn Alabama area but now lives in the Opelika/Beauregard Alabama area but frequents auburn due to family and friends living there.shes a habitual liar and cheat and not to be trusted or taken serious. Do so at your own risk. Take any and every bullshit pity me story with a grain of salt.she loves to play the victim even though she’s far from the victim. Refuses to accept responsibility or any accountability for her actions. She’s a narcissist and a gas lighter. And tells so many lies that she forgets the lies she told and can’t keep up with them when her lies lead to lie after lie.she is the type to beg for another chance and then turn around and do the same thing again. Do not trust her she is a fugly lying skank bitch.


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